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Addendum to Contract Forms - Legally Change a Contract

If you're wondering what is an addendum to a contract, it is a form used to change a contract by simply attaching the addendum to the original contract.

An addendum to contract form is the proper way to change a contract that you've already agreed to. Addendums or addenda to contracts avoid the need to rewrite the contract again from scratch. Numerous addendum templates are available on US Legal Forms. such as a:

  • Contract extension addendum - This contract addendum sample can be used, for example, to extend the closing date of a real estate sale or delivery date of equipment. Perhaps there is a delay due to unavoidable circumstances and the date of performance needs to be postponed. A contract extension addendum may be needed for many reasons and can be created easily and professionally in minutes without the need to hire an attorney.

  • Construction contract addendum - These contract addendums are used to make changes often needed in the construction field. Sometimes when the change is of a more basic nature, involving changes to terms at the heart of the agreement, an addendum is more appropriate than a standard change order.

  • Real estate contract addendum - When selling real estate, this sample contract addendum can be used to make many changes that may be needed, such as an extension of closing date, move-in date, getting title commitment, or approval from a lender. We also offer other options that can be added to a property sales contract, like a rent-to-own or right of first refusal on real estate option.

  • Purchase contract addendum - All kinds of sales contract addenda reasons exist, from a change in delivery date or delivery address to a change in the color, amount, etc. of the contract involved.

  • Sample addendum to employment contract - These sample addendums are used for making a change to an employment contract, such as a change in pay rate, job description, work schedule, etc.

An example addendum form can be used whenever you need to make a change to an existing contract, whether it is a construction contract, sales contract, employment contract, or other type of agreement. US Legal Forms has professional addendum templates to fit all needs, and a contract addendum form may be previewed before downloading. Our addendums to contracts our easily modified in Word format to allow any further customizing you desire.

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