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Real Estate - How to File a Civil Lawsuit

Real Estate - How to Win Civil Actions

You can succeed in a real estate civil actions without an attorney. Civil lawsuit attorneys are needed in complex cases, but often a person can file a civil action lawsuit and navigate the civil lawsuit process on his or her own. A civil case involving real property may be referred to as an action "in rem". If you're wondering, "what is a civil lawsuit going to involve", you should understand that there are different stages of a civil lawsuit. The basic steps in a civil lawsuit are outlined below:

How to file a civil lawsuit begins with the filing of a complaint in the proper court. When civil lawsuits involve real estate, the complaint will often be filed in the county where the real estate is located. It is important to file civil lawsuits cases within the statute of limitations, which depends on the type of case it is and varies by state law. For example, a case involving a breach of contract, the statute of limitations might be five years, while a civil action for personal injury may have only a one-year statute of limitations. Failure to file within the statute of limitations will bar you from ever filing a case.

Whether you are suing due to an adverse possession claim, a boundary dispute with a neighbor, or other civil lawsuit types, US Legal Forms has the civil lawsuit forms you need to make filing a lawsuit simple and affordable. A civil lawsuit definition covers many types of real property cases. Civil lawsuit lawyers may be necessary in a complex foreclosure case, but in a boundary dispute with a neighbor over fences or trees, civil lawsuit cases can often succeed without hiring an attorney. For example, if you have an understanding of the legal concepts involved in an adverse possession civil lawsuit, it is possible for you to clear title or claim squatter's rights without the expensive fees associated with civil lawsuit lawyers. US Legal Forms has a vast selection of forms for use in civil lawsuit cases, from the initiation of litigation to settlement agreements. Whether you are a landlord seeking an eviction due to a lease violation or overdue rent or a property owner defending against squatter's rights, we have professionally drafted forms to suit all your needs.

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