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Annexation is the process of joining or uniting a smaller unit with a larger unit. To annex means to attach or to append a smaller thing with a bigger thing. For instance, a small text may be attached to a larger document or a smaller portion of land may be appended with a larger plot.

The process by which a nation expands its territories or a city expands its boundaries to incorporate definite geographic area is also annexation. In the past, several nations enlarged their political authority through the process of annexation. For instance, Texas was annexed to the United States in 1845; and in 1898, the United States annexed Hawaii, with the purpose of expanding power in the Pacific.

Sometimes, annexation takes the form of a forceful takeover, in which a more powerful and larger state exercises control over a smaller nation or territory and forces the smaller territory to join the larger state. The theory of manifest destiny was predominant in the United States during the nineteenth century. It was a political strategy by which the United States rulers tried to expand the territory of United States across the continent. However, after the Second World War, the United Nations considered annexation as an unlawful political means to acquire territories.

Annexation of geographic areas within a nation can be made with neighboring cities. By the process of annexation, newly incorporated municipalities share tax revenues and amenities including, school systems, water and power utilities, and government services. Generally, the territory being annexed will be the weaker and lesser in population of the two integrating entities.

Annexation is made when a city wants to expand its boundaries or when services provided by a city extend to people living outside its territories and the city wants to make it official. Annexation of a geographical area is usually permitted only if the residents of such area cast their vote to support annexation. Also, for the public approval of annexation to be valid, voting should be done on a ballot.

Other Types of Annexation Annexation Law

In property law, annexation denotes the process by which personal property is attached to real property. Annexation may be an actual annexation or a constructive annexation. In an actual annexation, physical joining of a chattel is made to a fixture. In a constructive annexation, the annexed unit is not actually annexed but considered part of the realty. An annexation in which a city acquires new territory and the new territory is not immediately adjacent to the city limits is an example of constructive.

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