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What is a Limited Power of Attorney?

A limited power of attorney is a legal document that appoints an agent, called an attorney in fact, to handle a particular transaction on your behalf, or act for you for a specific time period. It delegates your authority when you are unable to act for yourself, according to the scope defined in the power of attorney document. The authority granted in a limited power of attorney form, also called a special power of attorney, limited POA, or LPOA, isn't as broad as the authority granted in a general power of attorney.

Where Can You Get a Power of Attorney Form?

A sample of a power of attorney can be downloaded online and filled out easily, but it's important that it complies with the laws of the state where it will be used, since laws vary by state. The limited power of attorney template offered by US Legal Forms is state-specific, unlike many generic forms online. We offer a wide variety of POA forms, such as a limited power of attorney for motor vehicle, real estate, banking, stock, or other transaction.

How Can You Get a Power of Attorney?

After downloading a template, you can create a limited durable power of attorney that remains effective after you're incapacitated, or make it nondurable by stating that it won't be effective if you're incapacitated, due to injury, mental incapacity, or illness. You will want to have a separate medical power of attorney to have an agent to make medical treatment decisions for you, since they are governed by specific health care laws, which vary by state.

How to Be a Power of Attorney Agent

How can you get power of attorney over another person? It's simple, as long as they agree to appoint you. Filling out the online limited power of attorney form is easy, just fill in the blanks and have the principal sign it. It typically doesn't need to be filed in court, but a special power of attorney for real estate should be signed in front of a notary public.

US Legal Forms has a vast selection of limited power of attorney sample forms, whether you need a special power of attorney for a motor vehicle, to sell a house, trade stock, or handle any other matter. We also have a general durable power of attorney template, medical power of attorney, and much more, all professionally drafted and at an affordable cost.

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