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Sub Lease Package

This package contains essential legal documents to help you prior to and during the process of subleasing a rental property.

This package contains essential legal documents to help you prior to and during the process of subleasing a rental property. It contains documents that are vital for addressing legal issues that may arise between a landlord, tenant and subtenant prior to or as a result of a sublease of a particular property.

The documents in this package include the following:

1. Application for Sublease

2. Letter from Tenant to Landlord -Landlord?s Refusal to Allow Sublease is Unreasonable

3. Letter from Landlord to Tenant- Sublease Granted, Rent Paid by Sub-Tenant, Old Tenant Released from Liability for Rent

4. Letter from Landlord to Tenant-Sublease Granted, Rent Paid by Sub-Tenant, but Tenant Still Liable for Rent and Damages

5. Letter from Tenant to Landlord Containing Request for Permission to Sublease

6. Sublease of an Apartment

Tips for Preparing Alabama Tenant Notice Forms

  1. Pay out by the due date. Don't be late on rent payments and keep your credit score and history clear and trustworthy. If you’ve run into financial hardship before, tell your property owner in advance.
  2. Stick to the Alabama Tenant Notice Forms conditions. The lease agreement protects equally you and the homeowner. For that reason, the parties ought to follow the conditions and terms that they accept. In case you are struggling to meet a lease agreement condition, discuss it with the property owner rather than trying to cover it.
  3. Try to find some common ground with the landlord. There’s no reason to become good friends, but you need to talk from time to time, so it's much better to do this in a pleasant way.
  4. Update your Alabama Tenant Notice Forms. Many renters believe it is a homeowner's duty to keep in mind to update the lease purchase contract. While it seems sensible, it is best to talk to your property owner and decide about renewal beforehand. Otherwise, you risk to become left homeless.
  5. Consider having a guarantor. If you don't have a rental background, the property owner can ask you for a guarantor. You can pick your parents and employer, or university. Nobody is going to disturb your guarantor as long as you answer your agent and match the terms of the contract.

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