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The purpose of inspection/inventory forms is to catalogue all furniture, furnishings, fixtures, appliances, and personal property in the leased premises that Tenant will be responsible for returning in the same condition as on the day of commencement of the Lease, normal wear and tear excepted.

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If you are moving into a new apartment, along with the moving in check list, one should prepare a checklist for inspection of the new apartment. A detailed apartment inspection can prevent loss of security deposit and repair costs. A comprehensive inspection of property will help reveal and record flaws and drawbacks in the property.

An apartment condition checklist must be prepared by a buyer or a tenant before performing a property inspection. A well-prepared checklist for apartment inspection reduces confusion and chaos while making an apartment inspection. In an apartment inspection checklist form, all important matters to be checked while doing an apartment inspection must be identified. These include checking safety features of the apartment, electrical appliances used, checking if plumbing is proper, and the like.

Property inspections are done when a property is sold or leased. While performing property inspections, a seller and buyer or landlord and tenant prepare a condition inspection report. The property condition report is an assurance that the property is in a condition suitable for their purpose. However, such a report is not mandatory. In the case of tenancy, if a condition inspection report is not prepared, the landlord or tenant may lose the right to the security deposit amount at the end of tenancy.

An apartment inspection report has to be prepared at the beginning and end of each tenancy. At the beginning of the tenancy, a move-in inspection report is prepared showing the condition of the apartment. At the end of a lease term, a final inspection report called a moving out inspection report is created and compared with the initial inspection report or move-in inspection report. The moving out inspection report ensures that there has been no damage to the apartment and no equipment has been removed from the apartment.

In the case of furnished apartments, an inventory list is prepared by seller and buyer or landlord and tenant. Apartment inventory forms indicate the number of items present in the apartment and also show the position of items or in which room each item is located.

The apartment inspection sheet, along with the apartment inventory list, specifies the state of an apartment at the time of check in by a tenant. Apartment inspection forms will be kept by both landlord and tenant, and will be used to evaluate the repairs needed to be done while the tenant vacates the apartment. It is very essential that these documents must be signed by both the parties in order to avoid any future discrepancies.

Many jurisdictions allow landlords to inspect and protect their property upon notice to the tenant. Landlords can enter into their property and make rental inspections during the tenure of tenancy. A landlord can also perform a walkthrough inspection to ensure that his/her apartment is in the condition stipulated in the tenancy agreement.

These days, online apartment checklists are also available. US Legal Forms has a host of templates and easily downloadable samples of apartment inspection forms and checklists.

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