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Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, and whether the lease in question is of commercial or residential property, you are sure to find the appropriate form to amend your lease.  Simply select your State and choose the form best suited to meet your individual needs.

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Amendment of Lease - How to Change a Lease Legally Legal Amendment

Lease amendments generally must be in writing, so a lease amendment form, also called a lease addendum, must be provided according to the notice terms in the rental agreement. An amendment of lease can occur when there is a change in circumstances warranting a change to lease terms. For example, a landlord may have constructed a swimming pool on the leased premises and would want to increase the rent or include new terms regarding pool maintenance. A document that details the amended lease terms is called a lease amendment. All lease agreements generally contain a clause that allows amendment of lease. An addendum to lease overrides the terms of the original lease. Click here to locate a form for lease agreement.

Please note that law relating to residential amendment lease varies from state to state. Some states may require you to give your tenant a notice period before an amendment takes effect. Choose a sample residential lease amendment form specific to your state by clicking here. However, in almost all states, for lease amendments to be valid, they must be signed by all the parties. Thus, as is the case with any contract, it is always better to have a written lease addendum to avoid issues in the future.

Some significant information that should be included in an amendment for lease are:

  • Information about the original lease: identify the landlord and tenant, current terms of lease, and address of the premises.
  • Amendment: identify specific terms of the lease that will be amended.
  • Other terms: include a provision which states that all other terms of the lease remain as they are.
  • Signatures of parties: both the landlord and the tenant must sign the document.

Our website has a host of sample lease forms as well as lease amendment forms. Whether you are looking for a commercial lease amendment or a residential lease amendment like a rental agreement amendment, our website will help you locate the appropriate form. Using these forms will help you document consent of all parties and make changes to a lease with ease.

A rental lease amendment can change existing terms or add new terms to a lease or rental agreement. For example, you can effect lease extension, add a tenant, or bring about rent increase or decrease through an amendment to a residential lease contract. Similarly, if your tenant wants to purchase a pet that will stay on the leased premises, it is important to amend the existing lease for rental purposes to include a pet policy. A pet policy can include provisions mandating pet registration, vaccination, and provisions prohibiting a tenant from breeding pets on the leased premises. Having a proper tenant pet agreement that lays out the terms of your pet policy will minimize the risk of future disputes. Our website has a host of sample lease agreement forms and rental agreement forms.

A lease agreement can be amended as many times as may be required by circumstances. Each amendment is generally named according to the chronological order of amendment, such as first amendment lease agreement, second amendment lease agreement, etc. Please click on any one of the various links provided throughout this article to view samples of legal forms lease and agreements available on our website.

Lease Amendment Forms FAQ Amendment Form

Can I amend a lease agreement? Lease Amendment

Yes, you can amend a lease agreement, whether the lease is a residential lease contract or a commercial lease contract. Both a residential and commercial rental agreement form can be amended anytime the parties decide to change the original lease terms. An amended lease for rental agreement must be signed by both the landlord and the tenant.

US Legal Forms offers many professional sample form for lease agreement templates. State-specific lease agreement forms and legal forms lease amendments are available on our website. Whether you want a commercial lease amendment or residential lease amendment, we have lease forms for all needs. Our lease forms are easy to complete and are easily downloadable.

What is a lease amendment agreement? Amendment To Lease Agreement

A lease amendment agreement is a legal document that outlines any change in the terms and conditions stipulated in an original lease agreement. A lease amendment agreement, along with the original lease agreement, constitutes the final declaration of the terms between parties regarding the lease.

An amendment of lease agreement is executed to bring about any change in the terms of the original lease agreement such as rent increase, lease extension, or change in pet policy. Lease amendments are also made to add a tenant.

A mutually agreed lease agreement can be amended only with the consent of both the parties to a lease agreement. In order to be valid, both landlord and tenant should sign a written lease amendment agreement.

If the parties to a lease agreement execute a lease amendment form, do the provisions of the original lease still pertain? Tenancy Addendum

Yes, except for the provisions amended by the rental lease amendment agreement, all of the original lease terms pertain. Amendment of a lease agreement is made to amend certain conditions stipulated in an original agreement. Both landlord and tenant are legally bound by the original lease agreement and the lease amendment agreement.

Question: Is an amendment of a lease agreement without the tenant's/landlord's consent valid? Addendum For Rental Agreement

No, an amendment of a lease agreement carried out without the landlord's or tenant's consent will not be valid. An amendment lease agreement is a legal agreement between a tenant and a landlord. In order to be valid, a legal agreement must be created by the parties with mutual consent.

Question: What is a lease addendum? Certificate Of Amendment Form

A lease addendum contains additional terms and conditions that are incorporated into the original lease agreement. It is used to add a missing condition to a lease agreement after it has been signed by the parties. An addendum to lease spells out additional requirements or responsibilities related to a lease.

In order to be valid, a lease addendum must contain complete details of the additional stipulations. It must specify the names of both parties, the date of the original lease agreement, and the date of making the addendum. A lease addendum must also be signed by both the parties to the original lease agreement. Once signed, a lease or rental agreement addendum is valid for the period of the original lease agreement. Breach of the lease addendum agreement is considered a breach of the original lease agreement.

Tips for Preparing Amendment of Lease

  1. Pay on time. Don't be late on rent and keep your credit score and background transparent and trustworthy. If you’ve faced financial hardship before, notify your property owner beforehand.
  2. Stick to the Amendment of Lease terms. The lease agreement protects both you and the owner. Therefore, the parties ought to follow the terms and conditions that they accept. In case you are struggling to meet a lease agreement requirement, discuss it with the house owner instead of attempting to cover it.
  3. Try to find some common ground with your property owner. There’s no reason to be close friends, but you need to talk from time to time, so it's much better to do this in a pleasant way.
  4. Update your Amendment of Lease. Many renters believe it is a homeowner's job to keep in mind to renew the rent purchase contract. While it makes sense, it is advisable to talk to your house owner and decide about renewal in advance. Otherwise, you risk becoming left homeless.
  5. Think about a guarantor. If you don't have a lease history, the property owner can request you to get a guarantor. You could pick your parents and employer, or college. Nobody will disturb your guarantor as long as you answer your agent and fulfill the terms of the contract.