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Illinois Landlord Tenant Eviction / Unlawful Detainer Forms Package (Cook County only)
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This package contains the essential state-specific forms a landlord needs to evict a tenant. If you need to get rid of an unwanted tenant, this money-saving package ensures that you follow the rules of Cook County. Included in this package are the following forms:

Summons for Trial – Eviction - This official form from Cook County, Illinois, is a summons for trial in an eviction or forcible detainer case.

Complaint Regarding Forcible Detainer - This official form from Cook County, Illinois, is a civil complaint for use in forcible detainer (eviction) cases. The landlord uses this form to ask the court for possession of the premises, as well as money damages.

Complaint for Possession Only (Forcible Detainer) - This official form from Cook County, Illinois, is a complaint for possession only in a forcible detainer (eviction) case.

Notice of Termination of Tenancy - This official form from Cook County, Illinois, is used by a landlord/lessor to notify a renter/lessee that his tenancy of the leased premises is being terminated.

30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease Greater Than Week-to-Week, Less Than Year-to-Year from Landlord to Tenant - This form is used by a landlord to terminate a lease with a period of greater than week to week, but less than year to year (for example, a month-to-month lease). A periodic lease is one which continues from period to period (rent is typically payable at the beginning of each period) until terminated by either landlord or tenant. This notice must be served on the tenant at least 30 days prior to the date indicated in the notice for termination.

10 day Notice of Material Noncompliance with Lease or Rental Agreement - Residential - 10 days to Cure - This form is used by the landlord to notify a residential tenant of a breach of the lease due to material non-compliance with the lease provisions. "Residential" includes a house, apartment, or condo. The specific material non-compliance is identified, and the tenant is given 10 days to cure the breach or suffer termination.

60 Day Notice to Terminate Year-to-Year Lease - To Be Given At Any Time Within The 4 Months Prior To Last 60 Days Of Lease From Landlord To Tenant - This form is used by a landlord to terminate a year-to-year lease. The notice must be served on the tenant at least 4 months prior to the last 60 days of the current lease-year (at least 6 months prior to the end of the lease). The lease then terminates at the end of the current lease year.

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