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Human resource management (HRM) is the function that assists organizations in achieving goals by obtaining and maintaining effective employees.

Some of the responsibilities of human resource management include to:

  • Train the workforce to maintain competitiveness of the organization
  • Develop and communicate industrial relations policies and procedures in line with legislation.
  • Involvement in grievance and disciplinary hearings
  • Lead negotiations (where necessary).
  • Implement termination and hiring procedures
  • Assessment and management of organisational climate and employee relations
  • Liaison with trade unions
  • Implementation of outcomes of collective bargaining and negotiation
  • Develop compensation strategies and policies in line with legislation and the organisation’s business strategy.
  • Attach meaningful monetary values to posts in the organization ensuring that the organisation’s compensation is in line with market forces (this may be by means of traditional job evaluation or other methods such as skill or competency based pay).
  • Develop appropriate compensation systems for the organisation.
  • Manage overall labor costs.
  • Provide current information regarding employees to be used in the decision-making process and measurement of HRM’s contribution to the organization.
  • Advise management regarding trends emerging from the data.
  • onduct HRM research with the aim of solving problems in the organization.

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