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Hawaii Landlord Tenant Eviction / Unlawful Detainer Forms Package (1st Circuit only)
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This package is for use in the First, Third, or Fifth District (Hawaii, Kauai, and Oahu) only. This package contains the essential state-specific forms a landlord needs to evict a tenant. If you need to get rid of an unwanted tenant, this money-saving package ensures that you follow the rules of your state. Included in this package are the following forms:

Notice of Termination of Residential Lease - This form is a legal notice from the landlord to the tenant that the tenant has breached specific provisions of the lease agreement, and the agreement is therefore terminated and tenant must surrender the premises.

Notice of Termination of Commercial Lease - This is a legal notice of termination of commercial lease for specific breaches by tenant.

Landlord’s Complaint for Money Damages and Possession (Eviction) - A landlord uses this form to ask for money owed by the tenant and to have the tenant evicted.

Summons - This form is filed with the complaint to give notice of the complaint to the defendant.

Judgment for Possession - This form is signed by the judge to allow eviction of a tenant and return possession of the premises to a landlord.

Writ of Possession - The form is used by the court to order the sheriff to evict a tenant.

Certificate of Service - This is filed with a pleading or motion to prove it was properly delivered to the other parties in the case.

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