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Legal Life Documents Forms for Newlyweds package contains essential life documents, such as a Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney forms for your State. Other useful forms are also included to assist Newyweds get their legal life in order.


How to Handle Legal Affairs if Getting Married Common Law Marriage

If you are planning to get married, make sure to handle the legal details properly. Important life events like a marriage can be stressful, so getting your legal ducks in a row will make the transition into married life smoother. The following discussion outlines some of the legal details to pay attention to in order to avoid legal pitfalls:

Wedding planning - Make sure to get your agreements in writing to minimize disputes about your wedding day. US Legal Forms has a variety of affordable, professionally drafted forms to formalize the agreements with the keys players, such as the caterer, photographer, and wedding planner.

Prenuptial agreement - In some instances, a prenuptial agreement is desired, especially when there are significant assets subject to becoming marital assets. As long as full financial disclosure is made and the parties have time to review the agreement with counsel and enter the prenup freely and knowingly, it will typically be upheld in court. US Legal Forms has a wide selection of prenuptial and property agreement forms for newlyweds. A post-marital agreement can also be created if the marriage has already taken place.

Domestic partnership or civil union - In states that recognize domestic partnership or civil union, there may be local registration laws. By registering a domestic partnership or civil union, certain rights and benefits of married couples can be available. These rights can include access to joint health insurance plan benefits, credit cards, making health care decisions, inheritance rights, parenting right and responsibilities, and more. Laws vary by state, so local laws should be consulted.

Stepparents - When getting married to someone who already has a child, it is possible to adopt the child. Stepparent adoption may be undertaken for various reasons, such as providing financial and emotional stability to a blended family. When a stepparent adopts a child, the adoptee may often get a child name change, and will be entitled to receive child support and inheritance rights from the adoptive stepparent.

Common law marriage - A common law marriage affidavit or declaration may be needed in states which recognize common law marriage in order to receive benefits of a marital relationship, such as inheritance rights, child care rights and responsibilities, the ability to make healthcare decisions and care for the other during illness, employer provided health coverage, etc. State laws vary, so local laws should be consulted.

New wills - The couple should prepare new wills, indicating the new marital status, even if the spouse is not named as a beneficiary. In order to disinherit a spouse, it is best to indicate that you do not intend to leave him or her a bequest in order to avoid a future will contest.

Name change - Marriage name change is popular for new brides. The marriage certificate is legal evidence of a name change, but a request will need to be made to have records changed with various entities, such as an employer, banks, credit card agencies, motor vehicle departments, the Social Security Administration, schools, and other institutions you deal with. US Legal Forms offers a new bride name change package with all the forms you need to submit with a copy of the marriage certificate in order to get a name change after marriage. State-specific minor name change forms are also available to change a child's name.

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