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This package is essential for ensuring that the rights and duties of the parties involved in musical works are legally protected. Forms included cover many aspects of the musical entertainment business, such as concert production, agency, publication and licensing of musical works, and more. Purchase of this package is a savings of more than 50% over purchasing the forms individually!

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Why You Need to Copyright and Protect Your Works and Performing Rights

Having written entertainment contracts avoids expensive misunderstandings and disputes, while ensuring your copyright and other performance rights are protected. It is vital to put the terms of the agreement in writing in order to avoid disagreements that can become expensive legal disputes.

Entertainment contracts are sometimes also referred to as a booking agreement, engagement contract, appearance contract, or other. By creating a written entertainment contract, you may create legally enforceable terms dealing with copyrights, liability waivers and releases, exclusive agency, licensing, performing rights, privacy rights, and any other issues affecting the deal involved. With today's technology and the media & Internet, it is more important than ever to make sure your copyright and other legal rights aren't being misused.

It's now easier than ever to get the advantage of an expensive entertainment lawyer's expertise, without the legal fees. Simply select a downloadable sample entertainment contract and complete the form in a few simple steps. You should retain a copy and give a copy to the other party or venue.

Whether you are making a record deal, want a music copyright, need an entertainment management contract, or another entertainment contract, US Legal Forms offers top quality entertainment agreements. You may preview sample entertainment contracts before downloading the entertainment contracts that fit your needs.

US Legal Forms offers professionally drafted forms tailored to the needs of the entertainment industry. Our entertainment forms can be used by writers, directors, actors, agents, composers, songwriters, authors, theater owners, publishers, playwrights, and unions and organizations in the entertainment industry. US Legal Forms offers a comprehensive selection of entertainment contracts, such as:

  • Recording contract
  • Music license
  • Publicity agreement
  • Promoter and promotions contracts
  • Artist management contract
  • Artist publicity contract
  • Artist promotion contract
  • Merchandise agreement
  • Personal appearance contract
  • Co-production and collaboration contract
  • Music copyright forms
  • Copyright assignment
  • Entertainer contract
  • License documents for film clips, dramatic performance, and other entertainment licensing forms
  • Agency agreement
  • Entertainment management contract
  • Liability waiver
  • Music contract
  • Exclusive agency agreement
  • Entertainment management contract
  • Plus many other entertainment agreements

Licensing Music

Whether you are a song composer, music publisher, entertainer, writer, director, producer, disc jockey, or agent, you need to be aware of the importance of protecting musical works, performing rights, copyrights, and privacy from publication in media & Internet. A music license agreement is an entertainment contract that contains a license agreement allowing another to use the musical work as specified in the music licensing agreement. Without such a music license agreement, the other party would be in violation of music copyright rights in the songs. The license documents typically provide for royalty payments to be made to the song composer in exchange for permission to use the musical work or performing rights in a dramatic performance, musical theatre, film clips, radio, etc. Any distribution of the musical work must be made in accord with the terms of the license agreement.

Entertainment FAQs

What are entertainment contracts?

Entertainment contracts are agreements that stipulate actions to be performed by a performer and other terms and conditions regarding performance. An entertainment contract lays down precisely what actions are to be carried out and what not to be carried out. Entertainment industries, such as the music industry, theater and acting industry, and performers, such as literary writers, disc jockeys, playwrights, songwriters, and actors, use entertainment contracts to protect their interests.

Entertainment management contracts and personal service agreements are forms of entertainer contracts. Entertainment management contracts are entertainment agreements by which an entertainment company assigns its duties and functions with respect to an entertainment event to another management company for a commission or a fee. A personal service agreement is an agreement entered with an entertainment producer, like a book publisher or a record company, stipulating that the performer will perform only for the producer company.

Many sample entertainment contracts are available online. You can download entertainment contract samples from the US Legal Forms Website. U S Legal Forms also carries a wide range of legal forms relating to entertainment law, including dramatic performance contracts, promotional and sponsorship agreements, director services agreements, and licensing agreements.

What is music licensing?

Music licensing is the granting of permission for the use of use copyrighted musical works. A music license is a license agreement that permits the license holder to use and reproduce the musical work. A music contract is a contract for licensing music. Through music contracts, composers and music performers grant musical rights to another party. A person who uses copyrighted music without a music license is liable to compensate the music copyright owners. A musical theatre or a person who wants to take a music license or grant music leases can use the services of music publishers. A music publisher's services include administering copyrights, granting music licenses, and collecting royalties on behalf of the songwriter. Performing rights organizations like the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) assist in protecting copyrighted musical works and the right of publicity of its members. ASCAP collects music licensing fees from the users of copyrighted music and give back these fees to its members as royalties. ASCAP also supervises broadcast or live performance of all works protected under copyright and privacy rights.

License documents and downloadable license forms are available on the US Legal Forms website.

What are artist agent contracts?

Artist agent contracts are agreements between a performer and an agent stipulating the terms and conditions for using the services of an agent. Agents' services include procuring employment and further opportunities to performers and artists. An agent contract specifies the rights and duties of agents and performers, compensation that can be claimed if conditions of contract are violated; and the agent's commission and duration of agreement. Generally, agents serve many artists. However, contracts can also be entered into for exclusive agency.

Artist agency agreements are available on the US Legal Forms website.

Can a copyright holder restrict the public from recording copyrighted songs?

Before recording and publishing a song, the writer of a song is the owner of it. A songwriter can decide who can first record a song for publication and can grant permission to record the song through a recording contract. However, when a song or music has been recorded and published, the copyright holder or the song composer cannot restrict the public from recording the song.

What is digital rights management?

Media & internet technology is changing at a rapid pace, and digital conversion technologies have increased copyright concerns. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an access control tool that is used by publishers and copyright to restrict the use of digital content and devices after sale. DRM facility provides control to the seller of digital content once it has been given to an end user. It is widely used to protect authors from derivative copyright works such as online games and film clips.

What is a liability waiver agreement?

A liability waiver agreement is a legal agreement in which a person participating in an activity agrees that s/he acknowledges the risks involved in the activity. For instance, in an adult release, there will be notification that all children under seventeen must be accompanied by an adult, and parents can use their discretion for younger kids.

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