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It's important to use the proper consulting agreement when hiring a consultant in order to ensure a successful working relationship and minimize future disputes. Because a consultant is typically hired as an independent contractor to perform services on a one-time or continuing basis, the business consulting arrangement needs to be clearly defined in writing to make sure both parties clearly understand the terms of the consulting agreement.

What a Sample Consulting Agreement Should Include Consulting Contract Template

Some of the basic terms to be covered include:

  1. 1. The identification of the parties to the agreement and contact information.

  2. 2. A description of the services to be performed. The more specific the description, the better, such as the number and qualifications of individuals to be assigned to the project, any materials or supplies to be provided, number of hours devoted, etc. Any success measures or deliverables should be described. Any deadlines or schedules for key tasks or deliverables need to be in writing. Descriptions will vary according to the nature of the project.

  3. 3. The amount of compensation and how payment is to be made. Payment structures can vary, such as a fixed, flat fee, hourly rate, or progress payments made according to completed stages of a consulting project. The time and form of payment should be stated. Any terms for invoicing, approval needed before payment is made should be described, as well as any additional costs or fees.

  4. 4. The duration of the agreement. Terms for changing or terminating the agreement and notice required should also be included.

  5. 5. How disputes will be handled and the liabilities of the parties in the event of a problem. This is where insurance coverage, arbitration, mediation, indemnification, disclaimers, or warranty clauses may be included. Ownership and accountability for problems that arise can be discussed.

  6. 6. Confidentiality and noncompetition. When appropriate, the agreement can include a confidentiality and nondisclosure clause to protect trade secrets. A noncompetition agreement may also be appropriate to protect the business interests and customer base of the hiring party.

  7. 7. The dated signatures of the parties authorized to sign the contract.

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