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What Every Employment Contract Should Include Printable New Employee Forms

Whether you need an executive employment agreement or a work contract for an independent contractor, there are certain basic terms that should be included. You should also understand some of the key concepts dealt with in an at will employment agreement or employment agreement for a defined time period. The following discussion will lay out the key elements that need to be included in an employment contract template.

Standard Terms in a Sample Employment Agreement Contracts Of Employment

  • The names and contact information of the parties.

  • A job description of the work to be performed. New hire forms should include the starting date of employment, and end date if applicable. In many cases, an at will employment agreement is made, and the employee can be discharged at any time without a reason, as long as the reason isn't based on illegal discrimination against a protected class, such as age, race, religion, disability, gender, genetics, or nationality.

  • Compensation. This may be stated as an hourly rate, salary, or lump sum. The time and manner of payment should be described. If a conditional pay structure or progress payment schedule is agreed on, the details of such an agreement should be spelled out, included any success measures for approval or deliverables required for payment.

  • The dated signatures of the parties.

Optional Terms in an Employment Agreement Template Printable New Hire Forms

Depending on the job position, there may be many terms desired to be included in an employment contract template. The following are some examples of popular clauses:

  • Liability of the parties - A discussion of accountability and liability of the parties for problems can be included. A hold harmless or indemnification agreement, disclaimers, or provisions for insurance coverage may be stated. A warranty covering workmanship or goods may be applicable.

  • Confidentiality and noncompetition - A nondisclosure agreement can protect the trade secrets of the employer. A noncompetition agreement will protect the employer from the employee using its business and marketing methods to start or work for a competing business. Confidentiality, nondisclosure, and non-competition agreements are often referred to generally as non-compete agreements.

  • Benefits - Stock options, health benefits, paid vacation, sick pay, bonuses, and more can be provided.

  • Termination - Grounds and notice required for termination of the employment contract can be defined.

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