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Do you want a more transparent relationship with your partner? If the answer is yes, then you need a cohabitation agreement. With US Legal Forms, find, edit, and download a state-specific, non-marital cohabitation agreement along with educational materials and instructions on how to fill it out correctly.
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Cohabitation Agreement Description

There’s a wide range of reasons why couples prefer not to opt for traditional marriage, including political and financial ones. No matter the reason, both partners living in a civil union need to have a legal exit strategy in the event of the relationship’s failure or other circumstances. Before moving in together, an unmarried couple should spell out the practicalities in writing first, especially concerning finances. Doing so leaves less room for disputes or disagreements in the future. A cohabitation agreement saves time, money, and stress.

A cohabitation agreement (a.k.a. “love contract” or “living-together agreement”) is a legally-binding document that outlines a cohabiting couple’s rights, expectations, and obligations. Most importantly, it outlines what should happen if they are to break up.

With US Legal Forms, you can quickly get the state-specific form by answering questions from a questionnaire:

  • ● State. Cohabitation laws are specific to each state. Find the form for the state where you and your partner will be living.
  • ● Plans on buying a property jointly/individually. This is where you draw precise lines around what belongs to you and your partner in the event of the split. Pay attention to the fact that legislation on asset division differs significantly for married and unmarried couples.
  • ● Joint debts: Disclosing the information about joint debts will set a clear set of rules for paying out debts and who is responsible for them.


Is cohabitation legal in the US?

Yes. Technically, only three US states (Michigan, North Carolina, and Mississippi) view cohabitation status as illegal. Even though these laws are rarely enforced in practice, they might influence other bureaucratic aspects of life, such as taxes. You need to be well aware of your state’s laws before making a decision to cohabitate with your partner.

Is a living-together agreement mandatory for a couple living in a civil union?

No. By no means is it a must for an unmarried couple to create this type of document. However, because law prevalently favors married couples, having an agreement will give you both greater peace of mind. In addition, it’ll decrease the emotional and financial strain when you decide to part ways.

When is the right time to draft a love agreement?

There are no set time frames as to when you need to create an agreement. Decide when and how to receive extra legal protection.

Do I need to fully disclose the information about my finances?

It depends. If you and your significant other agree not to disclose this type of information, you can let the document act on its own terms. Each party can simply outline how each person will contribute to the financial side of the relationship.

Does the cohabitation agreement have to be notarized?

Generally, you can draft a cohabitation agreement forgoing a notary service. If you want to ensure the authenticity of the signatures, you might want to consider notarizing the document.

What is considered to be a contribution to relationships in the cohabitation agreement?

Among the common contributions to the assets mentioned in the contracts are: renovation works, utility bills, mortgages, rent fees, etc.

Is a palimony agreement the same as a cohabitation agreement?

A palimony agreement only deals with matters related to financial support, while a cohabitation agreement touches upon a broader spectrum of issues. They might include property division and child support.

What else can we do to protect ourselves legally?

Creating a living-together agreement is a logical step in a serious relationship that is premarital. However, if you want to get extra protection in terms of legality, consider drafting other forms, such as a Power of Attorney, Living Will, Health Care directive, etc. They are all available with your US Legal Forms subscription.

How To Complete Cohabitation Agreement Questionnaire ?

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