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Ending a marriage is never an entirely simple process. Even in the most amicable of situations, it can still be very complicated to unwind all of the emotional, legal, and financial ties and bind a couple together. The typical issues that must be handled include child custody, child support, alimony, and the proper division of assets. Getting through the legal process of a divorce without children, or when there are adult children only, can often be quite a bit simpler because the consideration of two of these categories becomes unnecessary.

A married couple that does not need to deal with issues of child custody or support is much more likely to be able to go through a simplified divorce process. This is a set of proceedings for people who have already managed to come to an agreement on the issues of finances and assets. When minor children are not involved and the parties are agreed on terms, it is often possible for a couple to file an uncontested divorce petition. They must also both appear before the judge to get the agreement approved and finalized.

There are a few things that you should expect to discuss with the judge when you appear in court. In a no fault divorce state, there is no need for any kind of blame to be assigned to either party. Instead, the judge is likely to simply ask for confirmation that the marriage is beyond repair and cannot be saved. He is also likely to ask about the agreement and seek assurances that both people have made this decision freely and that there is no coercion, extortion, or other undue pressure involved.

The dissolution of a marriage is not easy, but the legal issues are quite a bit less complex when there are no minor children involved. It is best for both parties to attempt to come to an agreement that allows them to use the simplified divorce process. This reduces the amount of stress and conflict, as well as allowing the couple to keep much more of their money than they could if they had to pay lawyers to guide them through negotiations and a more complicated legal process. Getting a divorce without children takes many of the most complicated legal issues off of the table, and makes it much more likely that a couple can take advantage of this simpler approach.

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