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A divorce decree will alter the lives of many couples who are unable to reconcile their differences. A divorce decree is an order issued by a court that sum ups the rights and duties of the divorced parties. A divorce decree is the final step in the divorce process. It is the absolute judgment of divorce that concludes the divorce process and makes the dissolution of divorce official.

The final divorce decree contains necessary orders to be entered into the divorce records concerning the divorce, including the name and addresses of the parties, case number, date of divorce, and the terms or conditions of divorce.

The divorced decree will be signed by a judge and a copy is issued to each party. A certified copy of divorce decree can be obtained from the records office of the court. The official date of divorce will be the date when the decree is signed by the judge.

A divorce decree summarizes the financial commitments of each party. It outlines the method of division of property and assets, child custody arrangements, and child support or alimony. It will also identify the parties who are liable for the debts the couple has incurred in the course of marriage. A divorce decree officially allows the parties to the divorce to remarry.

Divorce procedures are governed by state laws. Divorce laws vary by state, and thus the procedure to obtain a divorce decree is different in each state. Many states provide a cooling off time, generally ninety days, wherein the parties can modify, amend, or rescind the divorce papers and cancel the proceedings. A number of states have regulations that entail a waiting period after the court orders a divorce decree and before the parties remarry. In majority of states, courts can at any time, for good reason, modify or vacate a divorce decree. Vacating a divorce decree means invalidating it so that it has no legal effect.

If both parties to a dissolution of marriage agree on terms, then parties can file a joint petition. Court procedure in a joint petition divorce is simpler compared to a regular divorce petition. A joint petition normally includes a marital settlement agreement or the terms and conditions of the divorce that have been agreed to by both parties.

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