Contested Divorce - Contested Divorce

Where no-fault divorce is not permitted, contested divorces are more common. Some states require that a party seeking a divorce must specify the reason(s) or ground(s) for the divorce.

These reasons vary from state to state, but may include adultery, abandonment or desertion, the imprisonment of a spouse, habitual drunkenness or drug use, and habitual cruelty by one spouse to the other. Often the spouse complained against contests or denies the grounds for divorce as specified in the complaint.Contested divorces are usually substantially more expensive than uncontested divorces.

Even where grounds are required for a divorce, state laws often permit a divorce petition to allege 'irreconcilable differences', 'irremediable breakdown' or other similar terms. This allegation may be included as an alternative ground to other listed grounds. The result of this alternative pleading is that a party, against whom evidence of fault is strong, will often agree to the less onerous finding of irreconcilable differences or irremediable breakdown.

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Preparing the Contested Divorce Papers Legal Contested Divorce

Ending a marriage is a complicated process. Not only does it take an immense emotional toll on both participants, but a divorce creates a significant amount of work for their attorneys. The indicative difference of contested vs uncontested divorce is that in the former’s case, the spouses commonly have claims against each other. In this type of dissolution of marriage, the matter of disagreement may result from any aspect of the divorce or even the marriage itself. For that reason, this process is bearly imaginable to pass for any of the spouses successfully without qualified legal assistance.

Thus, if you wonder how to file for a divorce, you may need to look and plan ahead. Let’s review the most common cornerstones faced on the way to the end of the process.

Emerging Disputes in a Contested Divorce Contested Divorce Forms Ny Pdf

There may be many ways to end a marriage. Commonly, people decide to split legally, and it is the moment when the disagreement starts. The matter of dispute when people file for divorce may be as follows:

  • Disagreement on the divorce: one of the spouses may be unwilling to end the marriage.
  • Disagreement on splitting the assets: people in the marriage can have different views on who keeps certain family assets.
  • Children custody disagreement: the spouses dispute the right or conditions of taking custody of the child.
  • Naturally, people usually cannot handle such disputes on their own. For that reason, it is best to take every step in this complicated journey with the assistance of a law expert.

Chose Attorney High Conflict Divorce

Finding the right attorney must be the first step in the process, as the quality of your legal assistance will affect the final disposition of your divorce. Make sure to interview your attorney before deciding to work with them. Only when you trust that professional thoroughly enough to sign a contract can you provide them with further details about your situation, circumstances, claims, and disagreements. It is always better to fill out contested divorce forms with your lawyer.

Collecting the Divorce Paperwork Non Contested Divorce

Completing contested divorce forms is easier and more productive when you have all the necessary documents on your marriage and can get their guidance while filling out the fields. Here is the information you will need to include:

  • 1. Names of the people in the marriage with their relevant contact data;
  • 2. An explanation statement of meeting the residency requirements, if your state requires this;
  • 3. The names of you and your spouse before you got married;
  • 4. Location and date of the wedding;
  • 5. Your couple’s separation date;
  • 6. The legal reason you are filing your divorce.

Filing the Contested Divorce Papers File Contested Divorce

Keep all your paperwork in order. You can find, fill out and complete online contested divorce forms with US Legal Forms. Here, you can get samples for your state and download the printable sample in Word or PDF format. It is just as easy to edit your blank divorce papers online. Simplify any complexity with digital paperwork and look for up-to-date forms for your state in the vast US Legal Forms library.

Tips for Preparing Contested Divorce

  1. Carefully choose a state to file for dissolution of marriage. Some states offer more beneficial conditions for a divorcing party in comparison with others when it comes to laws, simplicity of submitting, and expenses. Nevertheless, before preparing Contested Divorce, you need to check whether you meet the residency requirements of the respective state. Also, it’s important to take into account that if you file for divorce first in the selected state, this state , as a rule, takes jurisdiction over the legal process.
  2. Research your finances and outstanding debts. To ensure that you obtain your fair share after your dissolution of marriage, you need to know better what both you and your spouse owe and own jointly and individually. The court requires both parties to reveal where a couple is financially and send this information along with other divorce papers.
  3. Think about funds and property division and child custody with your spouse beforehand. Provided that you come to a mutual agreement concerning everything, you can suggest it in the marital resolution agreement and move forward with an uncontested divorce. It’s far less pricey and more peaceful compared to a contested. You can find all the necessary documents, including Contested Divorce required for an uncontested divorce in the US Legal Forms library.
  4. Start getting divorce papers. The divorce process is initiated once you file the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Depending on your scenario, you might need to include more documents down the road. You can find the necessary divorce forms and information on filling out Contested Divorce using US Legal Forms and its easy order option. Based on your responses, the system will put together the state- and case-specific papers for you.