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Divorce, for most people, ranks second only to the death of a loved one as a source of emotional trauma. Nonetheless, divorce numbers continue to rise. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were almost 1.2 million divorces in 1990.

Unless both parties to a divorce agree to the division of assets and to make adequate arrangements for the care of children, the divorce court will make those decisions. In 72% of the cases reported nationally, the courts awarded physical custody of the children to the wife. Therefore, it is important that the parties to a divorce fully appreciate and understand the emotional and financial consequences of a divorce on the entire family.

Complex divorce matters should be handled with the advice of competent legal and financial advisers. In order to save money or where both parties agree to a divorce, some persons may elect to proceed with a relatively simple divorce without benefit of an attorney.

Divorces may be granted on a finding of 'fault', one or more statutorily defined 'grounds' or as is becoming more commonplace, on a basis of 'no-fault' by either party. Whether a divorce is undertaken with or without an attorney's assistance, the parties must comply with the laws of the particular state which has jurisdiction over their divorce proceeding.

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