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Disclosure forms are a valuable tool for accessing vital or protecting confidential information. The word disclosure has a meaning that is very simple; it’s the act or process of revealing relevant or material information. A disclosure statement is a document prepared to reveal material facts to the extent it’s required to by specific statutes. Many federal and state laws require mandatory disclosure of material facts and information. For instance, auditors have to prepare legal disclosure statements providing key issues relating to financial statements.

Sometimes, non-disclosure contracts are entered into between parties to protect material facts and information. In the United States, public disclosure of private facts is an invasion of privacy, which in turn, is a tort. A non-disclosure agreement or NDA restricts disclosure of information to third parties. By signing such agreements, parties limit each other in revealing any type of confidentialities, like trade secrets, to a third party. NDAs are also known as secrecy or confidentiality agreements.

Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements Legal Disclosure

Apart from non-disclosures, there are other types of disclosures – non-compete agreements. The non-compete disclosure form template restricts the pursuit of similar trade or business. By closing such a disclosure form one party agrees not to pursue a parallel trade in competition with the other party. Non-compete contracts are also signed between employers and employees limiting an employee’s opportunities to seek or accept employment with the employer's competitor or pursue a similar business or trade.

Before applying for patents, inventors will have to reveal their secret formula to outsiders like the patent department of a company or a patent attorney. To facilitate non disclosure of a patentable formula, inventors prepare invention disclosure documents along with initial disclosures. The latter is a document that details how an invention works. It’s a non-disclosure statement prepared by an inventor when an unpatented idea is shown to the patent department of a company or a patent attorney. An invention disclosure restricts the other party from disclosure of confidential information related to the patent.

Real Estate Disclosure Forms Disclosure Sample

In real estate transactions, sellers are required to prepare real estate disclosure statements. Federal and state laws insist that sellers of real estate issue a statement of disclosure to potential buyers. By closing disclosure forms, buyers prevent sellers from concealing significant facts.

There are certain statutory house disclosures to be made by homeowners before leasing or selling their home. Home buyers are entitled to seller reveals and to be informed of material facts. Such home disclosures include disclosure about known defects, disclosure about hazards like flooding, and lead paint.

Answering the question “What are disclosure documents in the Real Estate sector?”, we would like to mention some specific sample disclosure forms. There are federal and state lead paint disclosure laws for protecting families from exposure to lead-based paint. A lead disclosure form is often required by EPA rules. A lead paint disclosure statement reveals the presence of lead-based paint in the dwelling.

Lead-paint-statutory regulations require sellers or landlords of houses to provide home buyers or renters all material and relevant information about the presence of lead-based paint, as well as hazards resulting from using it in the dwelling.

The US Legal Forms website contains information on what a disclosure form is and contains various types of disclosures and disclosure forms including home sale disclosure forms, lead disclosure, and NDA templates.

Disclosure Forms FAQs Disclosure Document

What are disclosure forms? Sample Disclosure Statement

Disclosure forms are documents that provide material information or facts as required by statutes. Disclosure forms are used in several contexts. Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements are used to protect the confidentiality of corporate information. In auditing, a disclosure form is a statement by an auditor about an entity's financial position. In bankruptcy, it’s a statement about a plan of reorganization prepared by a Chapter 11 debtor. In banking, it refers to a statement outlining the terms of a loan.

What is a disclosure form in the context of banking? Disclosure Agreement

Answering the question, “What are disclosure documents in the context of banking?”, it’s important to underline that they provide important facts about a loan. They’re legal disclosure statements given by a lender to a prospective borrower specifying the terms and conditions of a loan. Information included in banking disclosure forms includes:

  • interest rate
  • method of computation of interest rate
  • actual monthly payment
  • duration of the loan
  • statutory charges and fees

What information should be included in a home sale disclosure form? Disclosure Form

Home sellers are required to disclose material facts about their homes to prospective buyers in the specific disclosure form templates. Real estate disclosures are regulated by various state laws. Property disclosure laws stipulate mandatory disclosure of apparent and latent defects and hazardous conditions of a property. Latent defects are conditions that an ordinary man cannot discover through normal inspection. Examples of latent defects are structural and foundation problems or a leaking underground oil tank. Home disclosure forms should also include information related to environmental risk, especially those that create health hazards.

What is a lead based paint disclosure form? Disclosure Papers

Homeowners are statutorily required to inform prospective buyers or tenants if any lead-based paint was used in the construction of a property using a sample disclosure form. Home sellers have to sign a seller disclosure form showing that buyers were notified about such a risk. Similarly, along with the lease agreement, landlords have to sign a lead disclosure form attesting that the tenants were informed of the lead-based risk. In a lead-paint-house disclosure form, a seller or landlord must reveal the following information:

  • lead based paint hazards
  • condition of the painted property
  • surface where the lead paint is located

What is an invention disclosure form? Disclosure Application

An invention disclosure form is a disclosure, meaning an inventor reveals an unpatented formula to an outsider, without risk of that information being stolen by the outsider. For instance, an inventor makes a patent attorney sign an invention non-disclosure form. An invention non-disclosure statement prevents an outsider from disclosing confidential information or formula of a patentable invention. Invention non-disclosure statements are made along with initial disclosure documents that explain the procedure or working of an invention.

What are non-disclosure agreements? Disclosure Statement Example

Non-disclosure agreements are agreements that restrict the contracting parties from revealing any type of confidential information. They’re commonly known as NDA forms. Disclosure of another person's confidential information and other material facts will amount to invasion of privacy. Along with non-disclosure agreements, entities also sign non-compete agreements to restrict competitive trade similar to the other party's trade. A wide selection of non-disclosure agreements and NDA templates are available on the US Legal Forms website.