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Could Your Small Business Startup Be Featured During the Super Bowl? How To Start A Small Scale Stone Crushing Business

Your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur may be greater than you think. The 2014 Super Bowl saw a startup toy company called GoldieBlox advertised along with the world's biggest brand names like Budweiser and Coca Cola. GoldieBlox, which makes engineering and science-related toys and storybooks for girls, made history by being the first small business to air a commercial during the year's most watched tv event. After winning a contest, Intuit paid $4 million for their 30-second ad. The contest asked companies with 50 or fewer employees to submit a compelling story about the company, and conducted online voting for the winner. GoldieBlox, with barely 15 employees, was declared the winner, after garnering the lion's share of the millions of votes cast.

GoldieBlox won the Intuit contest only 18 months after being founded, but that wasn't the first time that it made headlines. Last year, the company created a parody video featuring the Beastie Boys song "Girls" that went viral. The video, which showed young girls rejecting the "princess" stereotype while building a complex maze, triggered a copyright infringement lawsuit by the Beastie Boys for using their song. Goldieblox pulled the video, but not before gaining enthusiastic public support for their message about breaking gender stereotypes.

The company's founder, Debbie Sterling, had a dream to get girls excited about science and engineering and break them out of the "pink aisle" stereotype for girls' toys. Sterling raised the $150,000 in startup funds she sought in only four days on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, eventually raising over $285,000.

The GoldieBlox success story is a reminder that this country is still the land of opportunity. Anyone with a marketable idea and a belief that dreams can come true has a chance to start a small business and become a success story. The Internet has made it easier than ever to spread one's message, and not just through posting videos, seeking funding, or entering a contest like Goldieblox did. Anyone can access free online resources to get empowered with the information necessary to start a business - from choosing a business entity, to creating a business plan, to how to successfully implement that plan.

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We all have dreams. The only thing that stands between many dreams becoming a reality is a lack of belief that one's dream can come true. What's standing between you and your dreams?

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