Contract for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate - One Page Purchase Agreement

A Contract for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate may be one of the most important contracts you sign.  Contracts of Sale, disclosures and other forms available. Download this Purchase and Sales Agreement on-line.

Real Estate Sales Contract FAQ

What is a real estate contract?
The contract is the single most important document involved in the sale of real estate (land, a home, etc). The real estate sales contract is the agreed framwork of rules, timetables and contingencies under which the real estate will be sold - or not sold if the deal falls through. The contract includes important items of agreement between the buyer and seller including the purchase price, financing timetable and terms, division of closing costs and closing timetable, inspection contengencies, and other legally important provisions. 

Are real estate contracts state-specific?
The real estate sales contracts provided by USLF have been drafted with State specific provisions applicable for each State.

What other forms do I need?
Most states' laws require a "Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition" form, in which the seller reports any past or current problems with the house. USLF has researched each state's disclosure laws and drafted the specific form to meet all statutory criteria. Protect yourself with a "Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition" form, located here. The federal lead paint disclosure is located here. Warranty, Quitclaim and various other deeds to transfer ownership of your property are found here