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Computer, Software, and Internet Agreements

Computers, software, and their users will deal with legal issues such as end-user license agreements and other related pc systems contracts. An understanding of the legalities involved will help keep your computer systems running properly and avoid legal problems. Some of the more popular types of computer agreements are discussed below.

  • IT maintenance agreement - Having a contract for IT maintenance services typically provides the owner of a computer network with regular computer services for pc maintenance. This type of computer maintenance contract is geared toward larger organizations that need more than on-demand computer systems consulting.

  • IT service agreement - This type of computer consulting service agreement is usually less committed than an IT maintenance agreement. An IT service agreement often involves on-demand computer services support, so that pc services are only provided as needed. This is commonly involved with those who provide computer consulting services.

  • Internet use agreement - An Internet use agreement is often created between a parent and child or in a public computer stations setting, such as a library. It is a computer use agreement that sets parameters on website use and security, so that website use isn't abused and computers and their website users aren't harmed by dangerous or offensive materials.

  • End-user license agreement - EULA - An end-user license agreement, or EULA, is a license by the software manufacturer allows you to use software, content, and services in agreement with specified terms and conditions set forth in the end-user license agreement. When you purchase the software, you agree to use it in accordance with the terms of the end-user license agreement. It may also be called a software license agreement.

  • Web site privacy policy - A web site privacy policy is a disclaimer included on many websites regarding their rights and obligations with respect to the information collecting by users of the web site.

  • Web site use agreement - A website use agreement is a statement included on many websites that typically limits liability of the website toward its users.

  • Web site development and support agreement - A website development and support agreement is often used in e-commerce for creating a website and keeping it functional and updated.

  • Domain name assignment - A domain name assignment contract is used when the owner of a domain name sells or otherwise transfers the domain name to another.

  • Distributorship and marketing agreement - This contract is usually used when the creator of software wishes to have a third party handle distributorship and marketing.

  • Computer purchase agreement - A computer purchase agreement is a sales contract geared toward those that need to buy computers and computing hardware.

  • Source code license - A source code license is typically created between a developer of software and a computer programmer.

  • Pay-per-click agreement - A pay-per-click agreement is a means of generating revenue in e-commerce through placement of advertising on a website.

  • Internet service agreement - An Internet service agreement defines the terms of service between an Internet provider and a user who needs website access.

Computer, Software, and Internet Agreements - FAQs

What is an IT maintenance service agreement?

An IT maintenance services agreement is a contract usually used to maintain a computer network. Computer maintenance service is provided on a regular basis as opposed to on-demand computer services that are typically provided by a computer consulting firm.

What is an Internet user agreement?

An Internet use agreement is often used between a parent and child or in a library or school setting with public computer stations to ensure the security of the computer systems and safety of computer use. Typically, such a computer use agreement sets for the policy for security on computer systems, such as restricting the download of files and harmful or offensive websites.

What is an end-user license agreement?

An end-user license agreement, also called a EULA for short, is a software license agreement computer users agree to when they purchase and install software. The EULA typically is a disclaimer that limits the manufacturer's liability and prevents the computer user from installing it on multiple computer systems.

What is pay-per-click?

A pay-per-click contract is used between web site owners to allow advertisers to generate marketing revenue through e-commerce. Each time a computer user clicks on the ad, the pay-per-click agreement defines the amount that will be paid to the website owner.

What is the difference between an IT maintenance agreement and IT service agreement?

An IT maintenance agreement typically is a contract for pc services on a regular basis. An IT service agreement usually is an on-demand service contract for consulting support or computer services as needed. An IT maintenance agreement is more likely to be used by an organization with a large network or heavily dependent on use of computers.

What is a web site development and support agreement?

This is a contract for development or creation of a website, often for purposes of e-commerce. The agreement typically includes support services such as revisions, consulting, and troubleshooting problems reported by website users.

What is domain name assignment?

This is a sale or transfer of a website name or address to a third party according to the terms in the domain name assignment agreement. Some computer users purchase a domain name solely for marketing it in e-commerce for a profit.

What is a distributorship and marketing agreement?

A distributorship and marketing agreement is often used in software development between a software developer and a marketing professional to make the software available for purchase to the computing public. It is an agreement to market use of the software to users, rather than license the source code used to write the software.

Does a website owner need a web site use agreement or web site privacy policy?

Yes, it is recommended to include a web site privacy policy and web site use agreement on your website to limit your liability to the computing public.

Is a computer purchase agreement needed when buying computers?

A computer purchase agreement is recommended to define warranties for computer use, computing support, and other terms when you buy computers.

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