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The obligation is nonavoidable for custodial and non-custodial parents requires them to provide reasonable support to their minor children. It is unavoidable, especially when divorcing it may be overlooked when they do have the right to receive support. The guidelines state a method to calculate child support, they are even able to calculate a person who is self-employed. The basic amount of child support is determined based on number of children, and the total monthly gross income of the parents. They also state a limit for high income households of $20,000, but they also show an opportunity to exceed that if the gross income exceeds that. Other adjustments include other children, older children, low-income households, cost of healthcare and daycare, costs associated with parenting time. To modify the amount of a child support order, the person must file a petition with the court and receive a court order for the modifying of the existing child support payments.

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