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Cemeteries Law and Legal Definition Cemetery Deed Transfer Form

A cemetery is generally defined as a place for the burial of the dead, and may be either public or private, depending on whether or not lots are made available or sold to the general public. In order to promote public health and welfare, the state in the exercise of its police power may provide for the reasonable regulation of cemeteries. Burial plots are property rights which may be sold or transferred by inheritance, subject to restrictions of the cemetery association. There are also rules which govern the upkeep and decoration of burial plots.

Relevant legal forms include:

  • Petition to Set Aside Conveyance of Cemetery
  • Deed to Cemetery Lot
  • Provision in Deed Restricting Use of Plot to Specified Persons
  • Certificate of Ownership of Burial Lots
  • Release by Heir of Interest in Lot
  • Contract for Purchase of Monument
  • Agreement for Perpetual Care
  • Notice by Owner Extending Right of Burial to Named Person