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Sample Attorney Conflict of Interest Waiver Letter

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Attorney Forms FAQ Attorney Release Form

What is an attorney?

Attorney at law refers to a qualified individual certified to practice law in a specific jurisdiction. Generally, an attorney at law is simply called an attorney.

Is it safe to tell an attorney the entire truth?

One of the most important aspects of the attorney-client relationship is the mutual exchange of information. It is important for the attorney to keep the client fully informed about their rights and obligations in retaining the attorney's services and progress and developments in the client's case. For an attorney to represent his or her client effectively, the attorney must be fully informed of all information relating to the client's case. This includes information that may help the case as well as information that may hurt it. The only way the attorney can obtain this information is if the client speaks freely without fear that what is said will later be told to others.

This is why the attorney-client privilege was created. It provides that a client has a privilege to refuse to disclose a confidential communication between the client and his or her lawyer. Also, the attorney is prevented from disclosing such communications without the consent of the client.

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