Lease Application Form / Rental Application

Why You Need a Lease Application Form

The right lease application form can avoid major headaches for a landlord. The rental application form can weed out undesirable tenants, reduce tenant turnover, and minimize the chances of evictions and disputes in housing court down the road. US Legal Forms has top quality, affordable forms for homes for rent, apartment rentals, and other types of property rental. In a house rental or apartment rental, you need to comply with residential landlord and tenant law. Our vast selection isn't just limited to residential rentals, we also offer top quality commercial lease application form samples. The following outlines the main terms to cover in an application form for rental:

  • Non-discrimination - The lease application form for rental real estate should let the applicant know that non-discriminatory reasons will be used as the basis for approval, and is conditioned on verification of employment, credit history, etc.

  • The form for rental application should ask for employment history for employment verification.

  • The rental amount to rent homes, apartments, or commercial property needs to be stated.

  • The expected move-in date.

  • The application for rental needs to explain that a binding contract isn't formed until a lease agreement is signed.

  • Pets and other tenant information, such as marital status and smoking habits. When renting an apartment or home for rent, discrimination against service animals isn't allowed.

  • Any past evictions filed against the prospective tenant.

  • Whether the applicant has had sexual misconduct charges filed against him or her. When you rent a home or apartment, this is especially important.

  • A rental lease should have a warning against use of false statements or omissions.

  • Any rental application form fee that applies and whether the rent application fee is refundable or not.

  • A rental home or apartment lease application should include statements about compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1996.

  • A lease application form sample should include lease terms and security deposit information.

  • Income, employment, and credit requirements. The rental application form will often require the applicant to have income three times greater than the monthly lease rate.

  • The typical processing time for the lease application.

  • The applicant should be informed about the right to request in writing information provided to the rental property management within a certain number of days in the event the application is denied based on the information obtained.

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