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 General Form of Agreement for the Sale of Goods
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A sale of goods is a present transfer of title to movable property for a price. This price may be a payment of money, an exchange of other property, or the performance of services. The parties to a sale are the person who owns the goods and the person to whom the title is transferred. The transferor is the seller or vendor, and the transferee is the buyer or vendee.

Most goods are tangible and solid, such as an automobile or a chair. But goods may also be fluid, such as oil or gasoline. Goods may also be intangible, such as natural gas and electricity. The UCC is applicable to both new and used goods.

Goods that are physically existing and owned by the seller at the time of the transaction are called existing goods. All other goods are called future goods. Future goods include both goods that are physically existing but not owned by the seller and goods that have not yet been produced .

Before an interest in goods can pass from seller to buyer, the goods must exist, and they must be identified to the contract. For passage of title, goods must be identified in a way that will distinguish them from all similar goods. Identification gives a buyer the right to obtain insurance on goods and the right to recover from third parties who damage goods. Sometimes, identification allows the buyer to take goods from the seller. Regarding future goods, occurs when they are shipped, marked, or otherwise designated as the contract goods.

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