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How to Create the Best Rental Agreement Rental Agreement

If you're looking for a contract for rental agreement, it's important to make sure the right terms are included to promote good landlord and tenant relations and minimize tenant turnover and disputes. A rental leasing form is governed by state laws, which vary by state. There is more state regulation when it comes to a residential rental, compared to a commercial lease. Therefore, if you have a residential rental for an apartment building, need a rental agreement for a house, or are looking for a month to month rental agreement to rent a room, it's vital to comply with your local laws. We'll describe below some of the key terms every basic rental agreement should include:

What to Include in Rental or Lease Agreement Forms Rental Agreement Template

1. Identities. The rental leasing agreement form must include the name of the landlord, tenant, and contact information.

2. A description of the property. The rental agreement form doesn't need a legal description, the street address of the leased property can be used.

3. Terms of payment. The lease agreement needs to define the rent amount, when it's due, and how it's to be paid. Any late fees or charges should be described in the rental lease agreement. A sample rental agreement should also define who is responsible for payment of utilities, taxes, insurance, and repairs.

4. Sublet rights. The landlord may prohibit a sublet of the premises, or allow a sublet, usually subject to the landlord's approval.

5. Deposits. A security deposit or pet deposit should be described, when applicable. State laws govern the rules regarding residential security deposits, so this is another reason it's important to use a rental agreement template that complies with state laws.

6. Termination of lease. One of the most important terms in a sample of rental lease agreement is how the contract can be terminated. Rights to terminate the lease need to be explained, along with any required notice or automatic renewal provisions.

7. Maintenance. The landlord's and tenant's rights and duties regarding maintenance, as well as the landlord's right of entry, should be described in rental agreement forms.

8. Rental property rules. The landlord should set forth the standards for allowing pets, guests, parking, noise, and any other applicable rental property rules. In some cases, the property rules may be on a separate sheet, referenced by the basic rental agreement.

Only the most basic rental agreement terms that can be included in a rental agreement template are described above. US Legal Forms offers a state-specific contract for rental agreement or lease agreement form that is professionally drafted to meet any leasing need. Whether you need a rental agreement for a house, a month to month room for rent, a sublet, or commercial building, we have the sample rental agreement forms landlords trust.