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The term timber refers to both standing trees and trees cut down for sale. The terms timber and wood are used synonymously. Timber wood is otherwise known as lumber. However some people differentiate between the two by considering timber as natural wood and lumber as processed wood ready for sale.

Before timber is cut down, it must be appraised by foresters. Foresters determine the value of timber and whether or not it is harmful to harvest. In many jurisdictions, a timber harvest deal must be filed with a government agency indicating intention to harvest timber.

In a timber sale deal, landowners are paid an amount called delivered price when they are responsible for harvesting and transportation of timber. This type of timber sale is generally known as contract logging. A written wood and timber contract is essential for conveyance of timber. Both the parties to a timber contract should be privy to the conditions under which a sale or purchase is made.

The legal outcome of cutting of timber, licensing, harvesting, selling, and purchasing is the main concern of parties to a timber transaction. Before drafting a timber contract, one should know the various laws that regulate timber and wood products and laws that relate to logging and forestry, including who is liable for acquiring necessary licenses. Various timber conservation laws should also be referred to.

A well-written timber agreement will minimize the potential problems that might arise during a deal involving timber. A timber contract stipulates the rights and obligations of the parties. The purpose of a written contract is to have unity of minds between the contracting parties.

Written timber agreements help ensure a smooth timber transaction. Experts recommend our well-drafted customized timber sale contract. You can use a sample timber template to draft your timber contract. The US Legal Forms website contains professionally drafted, state-specific timber purchase and sales contracts. The site also provides easily downloadable timber licensing agreements.

Tips for Preparing Timber and Lumber Forms

  1. Find the appropriate form. Choose the document sample that suits your state. US Legal Forms provides more than 85 thousand state-specific templates that you can download and submit. Plus, the platform offers you an informative information about type of real estate contract and agreement to help you select the appropriate sample.
  2. Specify parties and property. Start filling in the names of both sides. You don't need to repeat these names further in the record. It is enough to state them once and replace them with the terms Buyer and Owner. Establish the address and legal information of the estate in your Timber and Lumber Forms.
  3. Establish the terms and deadlines. The cost doesn't appear out of the blue. Calculate how much your property may be worth and choose just how much you want to get for it. Also, browse through the amount of earnest money along with the time frame when you need to get the rest. It is essential to set down-to-earth deadlines in the sales agreement.
  4. Sign to enforce Timber and Lumber Forms. You and another party must sign the agreement to make it legitimate. Get it done in person or utilize a legally-binding eSignature. But to close the deal as a whole, you have to search for other real estate forms. Prevent wasting time on searching and select a ready-made bundle of files with US Legal Forms.

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