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Creating Eviction Forms the Right way 10 Day Notice

Eviction is a highly unpleasant and challenging process. That’s why making it smooth, painless, and, above all, legal for all parties involved is crucial.

Let’s first define what eviction and an eviction notice are and shed some light on what grounds someone can use them to ask a person to vacate a property.

In broad terms, an eviction is when a landlord asks a tenant to leave the leased property following a violation of their lease agreement. A landlord may decide to evict a tenant for various reasons. Here’re the most common ones:

  • non-payment of rent
  • property damages
  • activity violating local laws and/or landlord-tenant agreement
  • non-compliance with HOA (Home Owners Association) laws

If any of the precedents mentioned above took place, the landlord must give notice and write an eviction letter to the tenant.

How Eviction Works Blank Eviction Notice

No one should initiate an eviction on a whim. Both parties in this process must abide by specific rules and state and local laws and follow the pre-determined procedure to evict a tenant legally. Roughly speaking, we can divide this process into two steps:

  • 1. The landlord creates an eviction notice stating that, for example, a tenant hasn’t paid rent or violated some lease terms. The tenant, in turn, can choose to either solve the problem or leave the property within a specific time frame before the landlord ends tenancy.
  • 2. If a problem recurs continuously, the landlord may serve a tenant with a notice to quit without granting them an option to fix the issue. In addition, not all states require landlords to allow tenants the chance to correct problems before an eviction.

Depending on circumstances, it can take up to one year for a landlord to go through the entire legal process to evict a person.

Six Things to Consider before Filing an Eviction Notice Form Eviction Complaint Form

  • 1. Check carefully whether your claim complies with what’s in your lease agreement.
  • 2. Ensure your agreement with a tenant includes the HOA (Home Owners Association) rules for which the tenant may be responsible.
  • 3. Don’t beat around the bushes; use correct and precise wording when stating why you want a person to vacate the property.
  • 4. Properly send your eviction notice by certified mail to prove you’ve served it to the tenant you wish to evict.
  • 5. Check if your property is subject to the CARES Act (the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act). No matter what your agreement states, according to this act, you must give your tenant 30 days' notice to leave the property.
  • 6. Research your local jurisdiction and verify whether it limits your legal abilities to evict a tenant.

How to Write an Eviction Letter Eviction Notice Pdf

Once you’ve gone through the abovementioned considerations, you can create your letter. Of course, you can find a whole lot of sample eviction notices online, but there are no guarantee legal experts drafted them. This sort of situation is when US Legal Forms comes in handy. On our website, you can find a professionally written printable eviction notice form that you can modify and tweak to cater to your needs.

Here’s the overview of things you need to include in your form:

  • Landlord’s and tenant’s names.
  • Tenant’s address and date of filing.
  • A clear statement explaining why you are serving this letter.
  • Date when the tenant must vacate the property.
  • Proof that certified mail services have delivered the notice.

Final Thoughts Five Day Eviction Notice

Many people underestimate the need for an eviction notice and think they’re better off without writing such a formal document. However, a properly written, filed, and served eviction notice is a must to move through legal eviction, particularly if the tenant you wish to evict challenges the removal.

Use US Legal Forms to get this process right from the start!