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Construction Bids - How to Bid Construction Jobs Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template

A construction bid form is an important tool in landing a construction job, and having a professionally prepared construction bid template not only conveys a positive first impression of the company, but avoids future disputes by clearly laying out the terms to avoid misunderstandings. In public construction contract bidding, construction bid contracts must meet legal requirements regarding minority or disadvantaged enterprise requirements.

US Legal Forms offers top quality construction bid forms to give you a competitive edge when submitting a bid proposal. Construction bidding is a competitive process and it's important to have the proper construction bid proposal template to maximize the chances that your bid proposal is accepted.

A contractor's bid should contain basic terms such as the following:

  • Identification and addresses of the property owner and contractor
  • Start date and substantial completion date for the project
  • A detailed description of the project should be included in a construction estimate
  • Work to be performed
  • Progress payment and final payment conditions
  • Warranties applicable to work done
  • Parties' responsibilities for things like permits, surveys, fees

Contractor Form Packages Construction Job Bids

US Legal Forms offers professionally drafted construction bids online, including a construction bid sheet, that can help your business profit and avoid expensive disputes. The proposal and bid process is much easier when all you have to do is fill in the blanks, using the same forms used by attorneys. We also offer many other related construction contracts, such as a summary of construction estimate and bid proposal log. Other related construction contract forms include a notice of completion, change order, notice of lien, and notice of completion forms. We offer a contractor contract for all of your construction contract needs, and you can preview a sample construction bid proposal template before downloading. We also offer contractor forms in discount packages that include a construction bid sheet, estimate form, and bid log for specific trades such as:

Good Faith Effort Requirements in a Contractor's Bid - Many federal and state public construction contracts require that a "good faith effort" be made by the bidding prime contractor to allow disadvantaged business enterprises, also called DBE companies, a fair opportunity to submit a bid proposal as a supplier or sub-contractor. The agency requesting the bid proposals sets goals for the participation of DBE companies, and the percentages vary by agency, sometimes as high as requiring 20% DBE participation.

Tips for Preparing Construction Bids

  1. Find the right form. Choose the document sample that suits your state. US Legal Forms provides more than 85 thousand state-specific samples that you can download and submit. Additionally, the platform gives you an useful information about type of property contract and agreement to help you choose the appropriate sample.
  2. Point out parties and property. Begin entering the names of both parties. You don't have to repeat these names further in the file. It is enough to define them once and replace them with the terms Buyer and Seller. Identify the address and legal information of the property in your Construction Bids.
  3. Establish the terms and deadlines. The price doesn't appear out of the blue. Determine how much your estate may be worth and decide how much you want to get for it. Also, browse through the amount of earnest money and the time frame when you want to receive the rest. It is essential to set down-to-earth due dates in the sales contract.
  4. Sign to enforce Construction Bids. You and another party need to sign the contract to make it legitimate. Do it by face-to-face meeting or use a legally-binding eSignature. But to close the sale as a whole, you should search for other real estate forms. Prevent wasting time on browsing and choose a ready-made bundle of documents with US Legal Forms.