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Top Tips for a Lien Release Form Liens In

A lien release form is a vital document in many situations. To use release forms properly, you need to understand how they work. A lien is a claim on property due to money owed to the lien claimant by the property owner. Without a release of lien, the property can't be transferred or sold to a third party with a clear title.

How to Release a Lien How To Put A Lien On A Property

If you wondering "how do I get a lien release", the answer will depend on who the lien is filed by.

  • Vehicle liens - If a finance company placed a lien on your car title, you will need to make arrangements with the finance company to have the lien released. Typically, they will want full payment of the loan balance before releasing the lien. When the seller and the finance company or bank agent sign the lien release and have it notarized, the vehicle title may be transferred by the Department of Motor Vehicles to the buyer.

  • Mechanic liens - A construction lien often uses a combined form called a lien waiver and release. So, you may wonder "what is a lien waiver used for?" A waiver of lien gives up the right to make a claim before it ever even accrues. Therefore, the property owner isn't in default or behind in paying at the time a waiver form is signed. When you release the lien, the right to the lien has already been established. However, these distinctions are often blurred, and a combined waiver and release form is commonly used. State laws vary, so it's crucial to use forms for mechanics liens that are designed according to state construction law in your state. The lien forms offered by US Legal Forms are state-specific and regularly updated to comply with state laws.

  • Tax liens - The Dept. of Revenue that filed the tax lien will need to be contacted for local procedures. A tax lien can often be released when a bond is submitted, conditioned on payment in full. Once the tax debt is paid, a release of lien is recorded in the same jurisdiction where the original tax lien was filed.

Whether you need a waiver and release or other lien forms for a vehicle, mechanics lien, tax lien, or other property lien, we have the professionally drafted forms professionals trust.