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Lemon Laws are defined as regulations that will protect consumers that purchase an item that is “defective”, that are referred as “lemons”. “Lemons” are items like vehicles that do not meet the purported quality as promised for safety or value.

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What are Lemon Laws? What Is The Lemon Law

Lemons Laws protect you when purchasing or leasing an item that is usually a vehicle with defects. Those items are considered “lemons” and you can be entitled to full compensation or payments for repairs that you are not responsible to pay.

Do Lemon Laws vary from state to state? What Is Considered A Lemon Car

Yes, lemon laws are different from state to state. The laws usually cover newly purchased vehicles but can also carry on to leased or other types of purchases. This is also exclusive to a limited amount of time they can report their purchases as a “lemon”, which is also based on which state the item was purchased. Also, there is such thing as a federal Lemon Law of used cars that were sold under a warranty or service contract.

What are the most popular forms for Lemon Laws? Automobile Lemon Law

The most popular form to use for a “Lemon” is the Automobile Lemon Law Questionnaire.