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US Legal Forms has a sublease agreement form to meet every need.  Whether you are searching for a residential or commercial sublease contract, or a franchise or corporate sublease agreement form, you are certain to find exactly the agreement you are looking for.  Simply select your State and then choose the appropriate sublease contract form for your application.

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What is a Sublease? Commercial Sublease Form

An apartment or commercial sublease can be the solution to a tenant's dilemma when the tenant needs to move but can't terminate the lease. It is often used in housing for lease when the current tenant needs to move out but can't cancel the lease, or needs a roommate to share expenses. In a sublease rental, the current tenant stays named on the master lease, but becomes a sublandlord by creating a separate sublettting agreement to lease to a third party, also called the subtenant. Therefore, the current tenant retains an interest in the apartment for lease, or housing for lease, and through a lease to a third party, also becomes a sublandlord for a term shorter than the original lease. A subletting agreement may be used for commercial property rentals as well.

How to Create a Sublease Contract Sublease Agreements

The original lease on a house for rent may require the landlord's consent for sublets to lease to a third party. Generally, if the master lease is silent on how to create a sublease and whether the master landlord must consent to sublets, it is permissible to sublease rental housing. A sublet contract will be governed by contract law principles. The residential and commercial sublease template and sample sublease agreement forms offered by US Legal Forms have been professionally drafted to comply with legal requirements.

Before creating sublets on residential homes for rent or apartments for lease, consideration should be given to subtenant preferences. While the decision to sublease apartments, create an office sublease, or other property rentals, should not be based on discriminatory reasons, it is permissible to set limits in an apartment sublease contract on the number of roommates, whether pets are allowed, if smoking is permitted, etc.

In sublets, it is recommended for subtenants and a sublandlord who intend to be roommates to meet in person and assess compatibility before signing a sublet agreement. References from previous landlords should be requested. Some furnished sublets are offered, and if you sublease space that's furnished, a higher security deposit and higher rental price should be charged to cover any damage. The furnished items should also be described in the sublease agreement form. For residential property rentals, renter's insurance can be obtained.

How to Find Tenants and Sublease Your Property Legal Sublease

Whether you are looking for an office sublease or looking for roommate sublets in college, there are many tenants and resources available. Tenants and rental opportunities may be found online, through a rental broker, in classified ads, and college bulletin boards, and others. Often, a roommate is found by asking friends. A house for rent may be listed in a local housing or tenant association. Sublease tenants and sublease apartments may register for listing services for a fee as well.

Once you reach a sublet agreement, it is important to have the proper sublease agreement form for a subtenant to sign. A free sample sublease may be previewed before downloading on US Legal Forms.


Sublease Template

How do I sublease my property? Sublease Agreement Template

How to sublease property will depend on the rental agreement. Landlords of some apartments have a clause in the lease preventing a tenant from subletting or requiring the landlord to consent to sublets. If the master lease in a home for rent or apartment for rent doesn't contain terms regarding a sublease agreement, it is generally allowed for the tenants to sublease apartments and housing for lease. US Legal Forms offers state-specific sublease template and sample sublease forms for all your subletting agreement needs, whether you need a commercial sublease, office sublease, apartment sublease, or a sublet agreement for a room for lease.

What is a sublease? Sublease Sample

A sublease agreement is a lease from a tenant under a master lease, or original lease, to a third party, called the sublessee or subtenant. The original tenant under the master lease then becomes a sublandlord under the new lease to a third party. A subletting agreement is a rental agreement between the sublandlord and a third party. A sublet contract is interpreted and enforced under contract law principles and state landlord tenant laws.

Who does a subtenant pay rent to? Sublet Lease Agreement

Subtenants, such as a sublease roommate, will pay rent to the sublandlord, or original tenant under the master lease. The original tenant under the master lease remains responsible for making the rent payment to the landlord in the master lease.

Can I sublease rental housing? Sub Lease Agreement

If you are renting a home for rent, whether or not you can create a sublease on a house for rent will depend on the terms of your original lease with the house owner or manager of property rentals. Typically, unless prohibited by the terms of the master lease of homes for rent, a tenant may create a sublease contract with a third party.

When is a sublease used? Sublease Agreement Form

A sublet agreement is commonly used when the original tenant needs to move out before the master lease expires or needs a roommate to share expenses. For example, when business decisions forces a company to relocate or close operations, it may be possible to use an office sublease or commercial sublease to be relieved of rent owed for the remaining term under the master lease.

It is possible to sublease apartments and a home for lease as well. Tenants in property rentals may create an apartment sublease with a roommate to share living expenses, or use a sublet contract to move out before the original lease expires and have the subtenant take over rent payments.

Does sublease tenants and forms relieve me of paying rent? Sublet Agreements

Unless the sublease contains an assumption of lease or assignment of lease, a sublease alone won't relieve the sublandlord of liability to pay the master landlord. Since the subtenant is not a party to the original rental agreement, the landlord will seek payment from the sublandlord. If the sublessee is late on rent payment or fails to pay rent, the rent owed must be paid by the sublandlord, who would then have a separate breach of sublease contract claim against the sublessee.

Tips for Preparing Sub-Lease Forms

  1. Keep in mind the fact that landlord-tenant relationships are governed by state and federal regulations. When preparing Sub-Lease Forms, take into consideration that lord-renter laws and regulations vary from one state or are to another. Your specifications and decisions should be based on state-specific rules and not solely on your own preferences.
  2. Be crystal clear concerning your expectations from the renter/landlord. No matter what side of the rental/lease process you’re on, you need to avoid undermining the relationships with the person you’re entering contract with. Before executing Sub-Lease Forms or any other form, the landlord should give as many inputs as possible in the rental contract’s provisions and review the paperwork together with the tenant.
  3. Maintain a healthy conversation with your property owner/renter. Correctly preparing Sub-Lease Forms and carrying out all rent-associated forms is a crucial stage for establishing the property owner-renter partnership. However, you need to ensure that you both stay on the same page regarding all matters and stay transparent about every facet of the rental.
  4. Keep up to date with the adjustments in the rental laws in your state. Rental regulations are being modified frequently. For instance, after the pandemic broke out, the government create a temporary ban on residential eviction. You, being a property owner or renter, need to make sure you not only adhere to the statements in your papers but equally comply with the local laws to prevent any misconceptions.