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Intellectual Property can be defined as any product that the human intellect created is protected by law from the unauthorized use of others. This property may include categories like patent, copyright, trademark and trade secrets.

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Am I able to protect multiple and related works under the same registered copyright? Us Patent Trademark Office

Yes, they can be considered compilations under a single copyright, but they have to be arranged that it shows the pieces as a whole to the original composition. For example, things like magazine or encyclopedias.

How “original” does my work have to be to receive copyright protection? Intellectual Property Law

The answer to this that the works needs to originate from you so that is may be eligible for protection, that will cause it not to be pursed to have a copyright. If the originality is when the idea or expression is to the author, even if someone had a similar idea. Like if you produced a work, but someone across the world just so happened to do the same exact thing, you both would be protected under copyright. That would prevent other from copying both parties of the same work.

What are the most common forms used for Intellectual Property? Legal Intellectual Property

The most popular forms used are USLF Multistate Patent and Trademark Law Handbook – Guide, Intellectual Property Rights Assignment, Purchase and Intellectual Property Assignment for Software, License Agreement for Intellectual Property, and Confidentiality Agreement between Two Businesses.