Wisconsin Letter from Landlord to Tenant as Notice to Tenant of Tenant's Disturbance of Neighbors' Peaceful Enjoyment to Remedy or Lease Terminates

Wisconsin Letter from Landlord to Tenant as Notice to Tenant of Tenant's Disturbance of Neighbors' Peaceful Enjoyment to Remedy or Lease Terminates
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This is a notice from landlord to tenant to advise tenant of the breaches of tenant's obligation to limit and control the conduct of tenant, tenant's family members and guests. This notice states that tenant is disturbing the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of neighbor's premises.

Quiet enjoyment refers to the right of an occupant of real property, particularly of a residence, to enjoy and use premises in peace and without interference. Quiet enjoyment is often an implied condition in a lease. "Quiet" is not restricted to an absence of noise; it has been interpreted as "uninterrupted". A tenant's remedies for breach of his/her quiet enjoyment are damages and injunction.

Quiet enjoyment is a common law concept, which case law has given its definition. Even without rising to the level of a constructive eviction and requiring the tenant to vacate the premises, such interferences may deprive the tenant of expectations under the lease and reduce the value of the lease, requiring an award of compensatory damages.

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