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Agreement to Survey and Fix Location of Known Common Boundary

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This agreement operates as an accord and satisfaction. Although the definition is variously stated from state to state, generally speaking, an "accord and satisfaction" is a method of discharging a contract or a claim or cause of action whereby the parties agree to give and accept something other than that which is due in satisfaction of the existing claim. For an accord and satisfaction, the "accord" is the agreement between the parties, and the "satisfaction" is its execution or performance. An accord and satisfaction results when: (i) the parties mutually intend to effect a settlement of an existing dispute by entering into a superseding agreement, and (ii) there is actual performance in accordance with the new agreement. Accord and satisfaction requires both components4 as without an agreement to discharge the obligation, there can be no accord, and without an accord, there can be no satisfaction.
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Agreement to Survey and Fix Location of Known Common Boundary