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Assignment of Commercial Lease from Tenant to new Tenant, with Landlord Remaining Unchanged. This agreement provides for the initial Tenant to either be joint and severally liable or not, depending upon the agreement reached between the parties.

Assignment in legal terms means the transfer of a property right or title to some particular person under an agreement, usually in writing. Unless an assignment is qualified in some way, it is generally considered to be a transfer of the transferor's entire interest in the estate, chattel, or other thing assigned. An assignment is distinguished from a grant in that an assignment is usually limited to the transfer of intangible rights, including contractual rights, choses in action, and rights in or connected with property, rather than, as in the case of a grant, the property itself. Some contracts restrict the right of assignment, so the terms of the contract must be read to determine if assignment is prohibited. For example, a landlord may permit a lease to be assigned, usually along with an assumption agreement, whereby the new tenant becomes responsible for payments and other duties of the original lessee.

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California Lease New Agreement