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Thinking about how to quit isn't easy, but a well-written resignation letter sample can make the process much smoother. A proper resignation takes a bit more planning, proper notice, a letter of resignation, and an exit interview. It is also the time to see that you are taken care of by the old company, whether or not you have a specific new place to go.

Chances are, you will have a strong feeling that it is time to move on long before it is time to give the boss your notice and letter of resignation. When you're wondering how to quit, it is time to start depersonalizing your workplace a bit. If you have personal files on your work computer you should delete them. Anything especially sentimental at your desk? Take it home. This should be gradual. You don't want to set up any red flags before you decide you're ready to prepare a sample resignation letter.

Although the "rule" is to have the new job before you leave the old one, there are many reasons to leave. People who have resigned have done so in order to spend more time with family, go back to school, attempt their own business, or a number of other reasons. Sometimes, the experience of resigning can be very emotional and some people find that following a resignation letter template is helpful when they are working to find a graceful way to leave.

A resignation letter can take many forms. They can be a few sentences handwritten or typed on official company paper. It's important to remember that when you resign resignation letters stay part of your employment record, and if your resignation letter template is not considered professional, that impression could follow you on another job later on.

A sample resignation letter will indicate in the first paragraph that you intend to leave your position and what you would like your last day to be. A brief mention can be made of why you are leaving. This should be kept neutral and non-confrontational. Focus on your new opportunity, and if there isn't one that is blatant, you can always say that you are exploring other options and look forward to a new chapter. You should appear appreciative of your time with the company and offer to help with any transition of your duties to another employee, including training if necessary.

If you still are unsure of what to write, your resignation letter sample should offer suggestions so that you can leave the company in the best light possible, and increase any potential severance you have coming. An exit interview is often scheduled following acceptance of a letter of resignation. Some contracts allow for severance even if an employee quits. However, even without a cash bonus, getting your company to agree to extend benefits for a short time may be helpful while you wait for the perks of any new position.

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