Reasons Not to Get a Divorce - Legal Divorce Reasons

Although you cannot make someone stay who is determined to leave, several alternatives to the courthouse exist. Reasons Not To Divorce

Following the initial breakup event, an attempt to talk with your spouse in a calm manner, without recrimination on either side, may set the stage for eventual reconciliation. Additionally professional and religious counseling can have beneficial results for both parties to a marriage. Counseling can give spouses time to reflect on the seriousness of divorce and to forgive one another for real or perceived shortcomings in the marriage. More importantly, trained counselors can encourage couples contemplating divorce to take pro-active steps to revitalize and to protect their marriage.

Separation periods may be voluntary or may be made under the auspices of a court during a divorce. In either event, the resultant 'cooling-off' period, particularly where it is accompanied by suitable counseling, may enhance the prospects of the parties' return to their prior status as a couple.

If you have filed a divorce against your spouse, you may decide to withdraw your petition.

If a divorce has been filed against you, some states permit provide for court ordered counseling and mediation. Virtually all states provide for some sort of waiting period before any divorce can be finalized, or completed.

Financial worries and concern for the welfare of the children are certainly valid considerations for anyone considering the effects of divorce. While such considerations may serve to delay any decision regarding a divorce, whether these issues can be resolved or improved by the preservation of the marriage remains a personal decision for each of the spouses.

In cases of domestic violence, any delay in acting may serve only to foster further harm and a spouse may need to engage the special facilities and criminal processes available through the courts, police departments, domestic violence shelters and hospitals.

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