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No-Fault Divorce With Minor Children Divorce In Arkansas With Child

All couples deciding to sever their marital relationship go through a complex legal process taking time, money, and lots of paperwork filed in court. Several factors affect the length and complexity of this juridical procedure: the presence of minor children, common property to be divided, and legal reasons for divorce. These individual circumstances for a family breakdown and how spouses agree on issues determine the type of divorce (at-fault and no-fault), the list of documents they must prepare, and the sum of resources to be spent.

What is a No-Fault Divorce? Arkansas Divorce With Minor Child

A no-fault or no-blame divorce is the so-called "irreparable breakdown of the marriage." This cause provides an amicable and straightforward way to break up. It assumes that the couple decided to separate without severe grounds (like adultery or violence) just because they couldn't get along. Sometimes these grounds are described as "irreconcilable differences," as the marriage partners simply can't stay together any longer. One spouse can file for a divorce while another can disagree with their decision, trying to prove their partner’s wrongdoings. However, the absence of serious grounds for marriage dissolution will result in it becoming a no-fault.

All states recognize this type of marriage dissolution but nevertheless have different approaches when considering reasons. The classical no-fault divorce states, where divorce for reasons that exclude adultery or cruelty as motives for marriage termination may take place, are California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. Other states allow petitioners to apply for legal separation, either blaming their partner for severe faults such as those mentioned above or not.

What Are the Specifics of No-Fault Divorce with Minor Children? Divorce With Minor Child

If the breaking-up couple has minor children, they should prepare extra arrangements. In addition to getting their children ready for the upcoming changes in their family, they must discuss and agree on issues such as child custody, support, and visitation. Apart from the standard petition for dissolution of marriage, summons, and property declarations, they should also fill out the following paperwork:

  • Affidavit confirming the couple having minor children
  • Child support blanks (worksheets calculating the desirable maintenance and child support order forms prescribing the party to pay the amount determined by the court)
  • A parenting plan for joint or sole child custody determining the time granted for parenting, visitation hours, and how often the divorced parents should review the terms of this plan.

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