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A conservatorship is created by the appointment of a conservator, also sometimes called a guardian. A conservator is a person or entity appointed by a court to manage the property, daily affairs, and financial affairs of another person, usually someone who is incompetent by reason of a physical or mental infirmity or age.

For example, an adult daughter may be appointed as the conservator for her father who is suffering from advanced Alzheimer's disease. An open hearing is held before the appointment is made. The conservator is required to make regular accountings which must be approved by the court. The conservator may be removed by order of the court if no longer needed, upon the petition of the conservatee or relatives, or for failure to perform his/her duties.

Some of the relevant legal forms include:

  • Motion & Order to Transfer Funds & Close Conservatorship less than $4K
  • Motion and Order to Transfer Funds and Close Conservatorship
  • Letters of Conservatorship
  • Conservatorship Cklist - Adults
  • Guardian and Conservatorship - California Judicial Council Official Form
  • Notice of Hearing - Guardianship or Conservatorship
  • Letters of Temporary Guardianship or Conservatorship
  • Confidential Supplemental Information (Probate Conservatorship)
  • Citation for Conservatorship and Proof of Service
  • Capacity Declaration - Conservatorship
  • Letters of Conservatorship
  • Notice of Opening or Changing a Guardianship or Conservatorship Account or Safe Deposit Box
  • Duties of Conservator and Acknowledgement of Receipt of Handbook (Probate Conservatorship)
  • Motion to Remove Conservator and to Set Aside Conservatorship or in the Alternative to Have ** Named as Conservator of **
  • Letter - Conservatorship Records
  • Letter - Forwarding of papers concerning Conservatorship
  • Letter - Oath of Conservatorship
  • Letter - Order Transferring Matter of Conservatorship
  • Letter - Check Representing Balance of the Conservatorship
  • Letter - Conservatorship (Agreed Order Substituting Counsel)
  • Petition for termination of conservatorship
  • Order terminating conservatorship

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