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Agency is an agreement by which one of the parties, the principal, appoints another, the agent, to act on his or her behalf. There are many types of agency agreements and contacts. Locate Agency or Agent forms and agreements by selecting your State below under the appropriate term.

Agency Agency Form


The actual term for an agent is something that can produce change. Whether it be chemically or electronically. However, we’re using the term agent as a legal reference.

What is an Agent?

An Agent is a person who has agreed to be legally authorized to act on behalf of another person. If they can perform legal abilities between the person and a third party, it makes them an Agent. An agent can be general or special and can also be under contract. The general agent can perform in his capacity as a professional at a job that he/she is a professional or master of an art, or that the principal entrusts the whole business to execute deeds or sign contracts in the business. No one is ever unaware that they are an agent, because it must be agreed upon between the agent and the principal.

Can I terminate an Agent?

Depending on the contractual relationship the person has made with an agency. If it’s in the contract that they must perform in the initial contract made between the principal and agent, then no. However, the principal may take away any of the agent’s authority whenever it is necessary but will be liable if the terms of termination violates any part of the contract.