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  • Adult Adoption Guide
  • Business Sale Guide
  • Common Law Marriage Guide
  • Concealed Weapons Guide
  • Construction Law Handbook
  • DNA Guide
  • Death in Family Guide
  • Disabled Adults Guide
  • Disclaimer Handbook
  • Divorce Guide
  • Driver's Hardship License Guide
  • Driver's Hardship License Handbook
  • DUI Guide
  • Elder Law and Retirement Handbook
  • Employment Law Handbook
  • Estate Planning Guide
  • Estate Planning Handbook
  • Expungement Law Handbook
  • FDCPA Guide
  • FDCPA Handbook
  • Grandparent's Visitation Guide
  • Guide to Temporary Custody
  • Harassment Law Handbook
  • HUD Privacy Act Handbook
  • Identity Theft Guides
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Property Handbook
  • Landlord Tenant Handbook
  • Libel and Slander Guide
  • Megan's Law Pamphlet
  • Non-Disclosure Guide
  • Paralegal Litigation Handbook
  • Patent Handbook
  • Parental Rights Guide
  • Restraining Order Guide
  • Sale of Business Guide
  • Sick Days Handbook
  • Slander Guide
  • Speeding Guide
  • Sport's Law Handbook
  • Stalking Guide
  • Statutory Rape
  • Surrogacy - Surrogate Guide
  • Temporary Custody Guide
  • Trademark Handbook
  • Trade Secrets Guide
  • Unlawful Detention Guide

    • Elder Law and Retirement Handbook

      Only $14.95 Elder Law Handbook Elder Law and Retirement Handbook

      This Handbook provides an overview of federal laws affecting the elderly and retirement issues. Information discussed includes age discrimination in employment, elder abuse & exploitation, power of attorney & guardianship, Social Security and other retirement and pension plans, Medicare, and much more in 22 pages of materials.

    • Employment Law Handbook

      Only $14.95 Employment Law Handbook Employment Law Handbook

      This Handbook provides an overview of federal laws addressing employer-employee rights and obligations. Information discussed includes wages & hours, discrimination, termination of employment, pension plans and retirement benefits, workplace safety, workers' compensation, unions, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and much more in 25 pages of materials.

    • Featured - Guide to Death in Family for Survivors

      Only $22.95 Guide to Death in Family for Survivors Guide to Death in Family for Survivors

      A practical guide for widows, widowers, parents, siblings, and other survivors of a deceased spouse or family member that is intended to assist the survivors to cope with a death in the family. The topics include: anatomical and whole-body gifts; funeral and burial rights, arrangements, and expenses; essential documents; Social Security information; support groups; access to safe-deposit boxes; vacant-dwelling insurance; decedent's last will and probate proceedings; income tax liability of the decedent and the decedent's estate; claiming a decedent's income-tax refund; claiming benefits under a policy of life-insurance; and rollover or distribution from a decedent's qualified retirement plan or IRA.

    • Landlord Tenant Handbook

      Learn More $19.95 Landlord Tenant Handbook Landlord Tenant Handbook

      This Handbook summarizes the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, and is designed to be a helpful guide to both landlords and tenants. Information about rental applications, leases, security deposits, inventory checklists, repair responsibilities, rent increases, termination of leases, eviction notices and much more is included in 40+ pages of materials.

    • Megan's Law and Sex Offender Registration Pamphlet

      Only $9.95 Megan's Law and Sex Offender Registration Pamphlet Megan's Law and Sex Offender Registration Pamphlet

      This pamphlet provides an overview on Megan's laws. Topics covered include background on the laws, an overview of state laws, the Jacob Wetterling Act, and the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. Links to state-specific information are provided.

    • Real Estate Handbook

      Only $22.95 Real Estate Handbook Real Estate Handbook

      This is a guide for Sellers and Buyers when selling or buying real estate. It is a great tool to educate you about the selling or buying process and also includes information on the real estate closing. State specific information about certain issues is included with the package.


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