Essential Legal Life Document Packages

Ready to get your Legal Life in Order?

Legal Scales Personal Planning Packages are the place to Start! Select from packages for Newlyweds, New Parents, Baby Boomers, Military, Newly Divorced and others. Each package contains State Specific forms and essential legal forms for your particular stage of life.

It's time to Organize your Legal Life! Failure to organize your legal life is just as bad as failing to take care of your health, only worse because such failure is not fair to the loved one's you leave behind.

Organize your Documents: Organize your important legal documents and place them in a safe place.

Make needed Legal Documents: Don't have a Will, Living Will or Power of Attorney? They are all included in the personal planning packages.

Inform your Loved one's about your Estate: Make sure your loved one's are aware of where you keep your important life documents so they will be informed.

Free Guide to Creating a Life Documents File: Organizing your life documents is just as important as your health, work and entertainment life. Don't lose your important documents like so many did during the last Hurricane, or leave your loved one's lost. Learn More!