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U.S. Legal Forms™, Inc. provides Nebraska for all your needs, including warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, special warranty deeds and others.  Deeds are provided for individuals, corporations, Limited Liability Companies and husband and wife.  vary from State to State and the requirements are vastly different.  All forms are available in Word format. "Grantor" means the seller.

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Husband and/or Wife as Grantor(s)(Sellers)

Corporation as Grantor(Seller)

Individual(s) as Grantor(s)(Sellers)

Other Deeds

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Important:  Supporting Documents needed in Nebraska - Some States require additional forms to be completed and recorded at the same time the deed is recorded. 
The additonal forms needed in Nebraska are discussed below.

  1. Real Estate Transfer Statement.  The grantee must file a Real Estate Transfer Statement with the deed. You may obtain this form from the Nebraska Department of Revenue or your local county clerk's office.
  2. Documentary Stamps.  All transfers of beneficial interest in or legal title to real property are subject to the Documentary Stamp Tax based on the value of the real estate transferred. The tax is due at the time the deed is offered for recording unless specifically exempt under the exemptions listed in the Nebraska Documentary Stamp Tax Reg. 52-003 and Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 76-902.  You may view the exemptions at the following address:

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