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    Contractor forms are essential to protect both the contractor and customer from future disputes. Laws governing construction contracts vary by state, and US Legal Forms offers state-specific contractors forms and templates, such as construction contracts, notice of lien forms, mechanics lien forms, lien waiver and release forms, and all other contracts for contractors that you may need. We will take a look at some of the popular contractors contracts and sample contractor contracts available below:

    Subcontractor agreement - A subcontractor contract template is used to define the rights and duties between general contractors and subcontractors.

    Construction bid - A construction bid form is used to submit a proposal when competing for a construction contract. The construction bid form will describe the work to be performed, along with the project price and terms for payment.

    Mechanics lien - An unpaid subcontractor or general contractor may file a mechanics lien to put a lien on improved property, such as for a roofing, remodeling, or painting job in a home improvement contract.

    Notice of lien - This construction form is required by state law to be sent to a property owner when a general contractor or subcontractor is seeking a lien to enforce payment. The notice of lien requirements vary by state and the forms and templates offered by US Legal Forms are regularly reviewed by attorneys to comply with current state law. Notice of lien forms may also be called a preliminary lien notice or preliminary notice of lien.

    Change order - This is a contractor form used when a construction project is in progress. The change order form makes a change to the original construction contract. It acts as an amendment to the original construction contract. An estimate of cost typically is approved prior to executing a change order.

    Construction contract - Construction contracts form templates can be used for many types of projects, such as roofing, home remodeling, and other home improvement jobs. The construction form template describes the work to be performed and the terms for payment. US Legal forms offers construction sample contracts and packages for all types of general contractors, subcontractors, and independent contractors. Free previews of example contractors contracts can be viewed before downloading sample construction contracts.

    Waiver of lien - Waiver of lien forms are signed before starting construction work. Lien waivers must describe the property and be signed by a contractor with authority to place a lien. These contracts for contractors give up the mechanic lien rights of a subcontractor, general contractor, or independent contractor.

    Release of lien - After payment, release of lien forms are often obtained from the contractor to prove the home improvement, remodeling, roofing, etc., agreement is complete and payment was made in full. A lien waiver only waives lien rights, it is possible other civil claims may still be brought. Therefore, owners may want a contractor to sign a waiver and release of all claims through each pay date as well as signing a lien waiver.

    Contractor Forms - FAQs

    How do I file a mechanics lien?

    Mechanics lien procedure varies by state construction contracts law. US Legal Forms offers mechanics lien sample forms and templates for independent contractors, general contractors, and subcontractors that comply with the law in your state. Typically, the contractor must give a notice of lien to the property owner and then file the lien with the county recorder where the property is located. The mechanics lien must be filed within a certain number of days, which varies by state law, after completing work or last providing services or materials.

    During a home remodeling project, how can I protect myself from a contractor filing a lien?

    Home improvement projects should begin by having several contractors make a construction bid on your remodeling project and submit a proposal along with an estimate of costs. Whether you are looking for roofing an entire house or painting a small room, putting the agreement terms in a written contract is advised. Once you have chosen a general contractor, independent contractor, or subcontractor for the job, and a written contract has been formed, you may request that waiver of lien forms be signed. Alternatively, you may request that lien release and waiver forms be signed after each progress payment is made.

    When construction is complete, you should have receipts for all payments made. You may have the general contractor sign a statement that all subcontractors have been paid, depending on state law. Lien waivers may be signed at this point, if not done earlier. The owner may also file a certificate of completion with the recorder's office to start the clock running on the time to file a mechanics lien.

    What is the difference between a release of lien and a waiver of lien form?

    Waiver of lien forms are signed before the job is begun. Release of lien forms are signed after payment is made in full. Both forms only give up mechanic lien rights. It is still possible to pursue other remedies in construction contracts disputes, such as filing a civil claim for breach of contractors contracts. Sample contracts can be viewed on US Legal Forms, along with all other contracts for contractors you may need.

    What is a change order?

    A change order is a written amendment to a contractor agreement. Rather than start from scratch with a new contract template, a change order form can be used. This is a construction form that adds, removes, or changes terms in an existing contractor or subcontractor agreement.

    Does an estimate have legal effect?

    An estimate is used when a contractor submits a construction bid on a project. The estimate can be used as an example of cost to select among contractors for a construction job. However, the terms of the estimate that are incorporated into the final construction agreement will govern. US Legal Forms offers hundreds of forms and templates for submitting a bid with an estimate for a proposal for a home remodeling, home improvement, or other contractors forms.

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