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 Letter to debt collector seeking verification of a debt in response to their validation letter
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Description debt validation template

Within 5 days after a debt collector first contacts you, they must provide you a written notice containing: (a) the amount of the debt, (b) the name of the creditor, (c) a statement that the debt collector will assume the debt's validity unless you dispute it within 30 days of receipt of the notice, (d) a statement that the debt collector will send a verification of the debt or copy of the judgment if you dispute the debt within the 30 day period, and (e) a statement that the debt collector will identify the original creditor upon written request within the 30 day period if different from the current creditor.

Use this form to help you respond to a debt collector's validation letter. You can respond by disputing the debt or any portion of it, asking fthe debt collector to verify the amount or validity of the debt, or request the name and contact information of the original creditor.

If you respond in writing within the 30 day period, the debt collector must stop attempting to collect the debt, or any disputed portion, until they verify the debt and mail you a response.

This form also also includes follow-up letters in the even the debt collector does not respond or continues attmpting to collect the debt after you requested verification.

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