Partner Program Linking

Linking to USLF as a Partner is easy. We will provide you with an individual ID (*affiliateid) and you can add it to a link using an image or text.

Example link to Home Page:

* affiliateid= id assigned when approved

Example link to Real Estate Forms:

Example link to Divorce Forms:

Example link to Search Results:
* s = everything that comes after the "?" from the search results url

Please make sure to verify all links and banners on your site. Incorrect links cause problems with partner tracking or worse yet file not found errors resulting in lost sales and commissions.

Link to Text

  1. Hyperlink your text: Visit U.S. Legal Forms, or Legal Forms, or USLegalforms.
    Like This:
    <a href="/?auslf=affiliateid">Visit U.S. Legal Forms, or Legal Forms, or USLegalforms.</a>

    *Replace affiliateid with the ID assigned to you. You will find it in your welcome email.

  2. You may link to any page(s) on USLF using this method. The link above links to the home page. The link below links to the Real Estate forms page.


Link to Images

You may also link to an image. We have many images to choose from. To add the llink using an image you may use one of two methods:

  1. Use the html below and change "test" to your Partner Code. Insert the code into your web pages.


  2. Download the image and link to the image where you place the image on your web site.  The link to be added to the image would be the URL assigned to the image below.  Simply change "test" to your Partner Code.

    Image 1
    USLF Logo
    <a href="/?auslf=affiliateid"><img src="/images3/logo.gif" alt="Partner1"/></a>

    Image 2
    USLF Logo
    <a href="/?auslf=affiliateid"><img src="/images/uslflogosm.gif" alt="Partner2" /></a>

    Image 3
    USLF Logo
    <a href="/?auslf=affiliateid"><img src="/banners/uslfthin.gif" alt="Partner3" /></a>

    Image 4
    USLF Logo
    <a href="/?auslf=affiliateid"><img src="/images/banner2.gif" alt="Partner4"/></a>

    Image 5
    USLF Logo
    <a href="/?auslf=affiliateid"><img src="/banners/uslogo.gif" alt="Partner5"/></a>

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